ABVP initiates Campus Safety Survey for women on Laxmi Bai Jayanti

 The safety of college campuses has become an issue of widespread concern in recent years. This could be due to more women going to college today than ever before, as women are often perceived as being more vulnerable than men, or because of a higher perception of risk due to several high profile cases being covered by the national media in recent years. Whatever the reason, safety is a growing concern that must be addressed by college campuses not just for women but everyone, particularly by administrators.
 women-safety In order for college administrators to address safety concerns, they must be aware of the types of safety issues present on their campus. This study by ABVP focuses on student perceptions of safety at the University of Delhi. By focusing on student perceptions, this research aims to reveal the types of safety issues students are concerned about, as well as how students perceive safety on campus and how they use and perceive various security services on campus. Investigation of student perceptions of safety on campus is more useful than, for example, focusing solely on crime statistics on campus. This is because, ultimately, college administrators should address both student concerns as well as reported incidents.
“The results of this project could prove to be a useful tool to help the University of Delhi administration understand the types of safety issues students are concerned about on campus.” said Mahamedha Nagar who is leading this initiative.

Here is the link to fill the questionnaire for the survey: https://goo.gl/forms/mfHrmqaZwbpi2cq93


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