A Grand Mistake: Shaandaar

Very often we come across people/things/food items which grab our attention at the very first moment. But as you get to talk to them/use them/have them, they prove to be a pathetic decision. Shaandaar is one such example. With a multi-talented cast, big production houses involved, the movie is one huge mistake that you never want to commit. Shaandaar has 15% animation, 30% songs, 10% locations, 30% unnecessary footage which could have been easily avoided. Rest 15% you can add for yourself but 0% story and hence a 100% disappointment. The movie is a mix bag of all the cliches of previous decades. An arrogant old family head, an adopted innocent child who is made to realise it every now and then, a marriage which is for the sake of a business deal, an obese bride and a Pankaj Kapoor signature failed marriage.

After the first half of the movie you are left unsure as to what the heck is going on and why are you watching this nonsense. But then Alia Bhatt’s cute duck face and Shahid’s, well,Shahidness keeps the belief intact that something good is going to happen, which sadly doesn’t. After every 15 minutes there is a song. Amit Trivedi has been overused and that gets irritating after a while. There are a few but no good dialogues to like. The quality of comedy dives from mediocre to utter disdain. Cinematography is commendable but there is nothing to look forward to.

The only saving grace of the movie are the scenes between Shahid Kapoor and Pankaj Kapoor. The climax does have a great message (if you are able to sit through it). As far as songs are concerned, the title track as well as Gulabbo are a treat to watch and listen. A special mention to the song Nazdeekiyan but you can watch all that on YouTube. Shaandaar attempts to deliver a lot but ends up delivering nothing at all. It feels as if Vikas Bahl tried to do a lot of things but failed everywhere. The backdrop of the movie is a wedding and except that everything else is going on. There is also a completely unrequired sequence in the movie where everyone gets high for no good reason. Shahid Kapoor is the prince charming with a derogatory name and that’s all we get to know about him. And as far as Alia’s character is concerned, the most intriguing thing about her is that she is an insomniac. To your surprise even Shahid’s character is, but he doesn’t know how to pronounce it. (Can we get an Awww? Ugh!)

Looks like Disney, Dharma and Phantom had three different stories, they collaborated them and then came out the epitome of trash, which we will always know as Shaandaar. A mix bag of predictable disaster, Shaandaar is something we have seen and experienced n number of times. It is a great misdeed laid on our heads forcibly which we surely should avoid. You would want to like the movie with all your heart but you would end up hating it with all your guts. There’s only one question from my side to the director… why?

A Disneys’s musical, Shahid’s Dance performances, Alia’s bikini shot which she herself dreams of(creepy enough?), one in ten good jokes and repeated same old mixture of stories. This movie deserves, rather, owns the dislikes. Shaandaar, not grand at all.

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