5 things a college fresher must do


As a fresher, the most awaited part of our lives has arrived! That part of life for which we were planning since so long that even we don’t remember. The time when we ditch those school shoes and uniform and slip into clothes that define us and dress up as we wish. The time when we leave behind those protective walls of our school and come out of our protective shells and explore what the world has to offer.

We give you 5 things that being a fresher you must do in your first year. We know that you’ve already prepared your check list of Do’s and Don’ts for your college life but still crosscheck with our list..

1. Explore

This thing doesn’t need a reminder. As freshers it comes naturally from within to go out and explore new places to hangout, eat and have fun with our new friends. There is a whole range of options to explore. Make a list and visit all of them because every new place that you visit with your new friends will give you a new memory to cherish for a lifetime.

2. Experiment

Always wanted a purple streak or an extra piercing or an awesome tattoo on the wrist? Being school kids we were always told that this is not the right time and that was very much true . Now that we are out of that childhood phase, now is the time to fulfil your desire of getting that purple streak, an extra piercing or a nice tattoo. Go out and experiment with what you’ve always thought of doing as a kid. But remember not to go overboard!

3. Read, Read and Read

We all know what a book can do. A good book can switch your mood from good to bad, cut short your long metro journey, accompany your music, tell you things that you didn’t know, make you wiser and on top of all this gives you new words to use in your daily conversations. Some people are die-hard book lovers and some are not. It’s never too late to start, therefore now is the right time to get a hobby of reading books. It’ll only help you in some way or the other.

4. Make new friends

Its pretty obvious that since we are in college therefore we need to make new friends that will be with us as we embark this new journey, but it’s always better to make as many friends as possible because out of many only few will stay and out of the many people who will leave your side they will definitely teach you something that will help you grow. Its never a bad move to know and be friends with many people. You never know who could help you where.

5. Overcome your fears

School is now a story of the past. As small children many of us had our share of fears but there comes a time when we can overcome them and come out as a stronger person. College is the time. Join societies, take part in cultural activities or be in your college’s sports team . Try and overcome your fear because as the popular saying goes- “On the other side of your fears you will find your fortune”.


[author image=”http://www.aapkatimes.com/wp-content/uploads/2015/07/IMG-20150618-WA0073.jpg” ]Aditi is currently pursuing law from IPU. Reading books and writing is her ultimate getaway from the world.[/author]

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