College life is the life every school student craves to begin and every pass out craves to return to! So here’s an article for all College-goers-in-making to make the best out of the new change in their lives.

1. Explore

“Yeh Jawaani hai Deewani” is the inspiration! Your college is not the only place where you will stay for the next few years! The places that surround your college are to be included too! Find your escape place, the best hacks and secrets spread around. Make the best of everything, not just the college alone.

2. Orientation Day

This is not only the first interaction that you will have with your seniors and teachers but also the day you’ll get to learn a lot about your respective departments, subjects, syllabus and what not!

3. Join clubs

Do not let your hobbies die while running behind studies. If you have none, then create one! Step up and reveal your talent, with or without peers. Develop your talent. Never let your talent rust!

4. Internships

Provide you with experience, CV. An important aspect of career which begins with college is the experience you gain as an intern. Not only the experience but attaining a reference for yourself on your CV alone is an achievement!

5. Food 

The best way to turn a dull day into an adventure is by trying traveling far with the sole purpose of eating! Try food of different restaurants and cafes every once in a while. Don’t rush to explore, though! Take care of your stomach too.
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6. Participate

College life is all about learning and nothing feels better than winning. So, do not hesitate to take parts in fest and competitions. The best part is even in losing, there won’t be any loss! Failure comes to those who make effort and that’s why, failure is important for success! Leave no stone unturned and challenge yourself. Try, fail, fail again, fail better and succeed.

7. Friends and Relations

Making friends is not as easy as it looks. Several classmates of yours will not be like the usual ones. Some might be in Burkha, some in shorts! Some might have a beard and some might end up in short pants everyday! Respect and accept everyone’s views and lifestyles, and do not forget your seniors!

8. Freshers Party

It’s not the only day to get glamorous pictures in new outfits with everyone but it’s also the only way to analyze and find how well your department can organize event. Do not miss it!

9. Adjust – Your college might not be the college of your choice but adjust in it, embrace it, and you will yourself start loving it. After all, every college has something new to experience and every University has its own beauty!

10. Plan Picnics

Shun the boredom and go on picnics or trip, once in a while. Needless to say, this can refresh you and also develop deeper bonds with your friends.

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