Akshay Tyagi Jamia Millia Islamia

Students of Jamia Millia Islamia spreading social message through Nukkad Natak

NEW DELHI, December 9, 2016:

In order to sensitize people about the increasing pollution in the capital and to spread across the message of humanism, the students of MA Development Communication A.J.K M.C.R.C, Jamia Millia Islamia performed two different street plays at Central Canteen in the Campus.

The play “Kya Farq Padta hai’’ threw light on the increasing pollution in the capital and aware people about its ill effects and how can it be controlled. The second play “Madari” was based on the concept of humanism. It talked about the various issues including communalism, casteism, Gender inequality, Regionalism and shown how much differences these issues have created in the society which is affecting the country to a large extent.

The students in the play ‘Kya Farq Padta hai’ draw attention to the situation in future, if we will keep depleting fresh air. Negligence and ill effects of the pollution were also shown to make people realize the need to plant trees and take immediate and effective measures to control it. However the play ‘Madari’ sensitized people portraying recent examples on casteism, politicization of education and talked about stereotypes related to gender.

The plays were directed by Ms. Pragati Bhalla, Course Coordinator, Development Communication, A.J.K. MCRC as part of the curriculum. According to her, ‘Street plays are a wonderful platform to connect with the people. The students underwent thorough research to understand the problems of the people and help them come out of it. The process was mainly to teach the students about usage of traditional communication tools to bring social change.’Both the plays throughout captivated the audience and imparted the message among the youth to keep environment clean and green and also instilled the feeling of humanism to make India a better place to live.


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