Please, Memes on Kamlesh are not funny!

Ironically, We celebrated Children’s Day in a society where, a 13 Year old drug addict becomes a laughing stock for the whole society

I woke up this morning with a notification from Instagram on my phone that reads a Friend of yours tagged you in a post and as usual it was meme. On 9 out 10 days, Memes are hilarious (af) and Funny. But in this pro digital world and every moment changing into fun for meme makers, we all have lost our sensibility on even sensitive issues. Internet, preciously meme pages over a month have been occupied with Kamlesh Video Clip, the In-famous Kamlesh Solution Video. In almost a 3 minutes clip that starts with a Boy of around 13 years of age, detailing how he ran away from his home to Delhi. This ragpicker addicted to all kind of drugs available to him upto an extent that he does not even wants to go back to his home and to his mother as he won’t allow drugs.

This 3 min video clip is a part of a documentary directed by Neeraj Sharma, Nashebaaz- tge Dying People of Delhi that aims to bring out the harsh realities and the conditions of the people that are addicted to any king of drug. The Director, Neeraj Sharma could not even imagine that his attempt to bring out painful life of drug abusers would give a chance to meme makers to an extent that they don’t even hesitate in mocking a 13 year old boy who needs proper rehabilitation. The worst affected is non other than the director himself who finds all this very disturbing.
Kamlesh could not understand what he’s into and needs proper rehabilitation and counselling but what happened to us? Do we also needs rehabilitation as we are addicted to all kind of so-called memes which are not only funny anymore but sensitive. We would even mock a 13 year boy who’s struggling with drug abuse just to get some ‘LIKES’, Do We Really? C’mon guys mocking that 13-year old for his assent and using ‘Kamles’, ‘Soluchan’ and ‘dun dun dun’ in your memes that makes you “COOL”.

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