AMU Faculty present the research paper at International Conference

Aligarh, March 5:

Dr. Shoeb Malik Associate Professor Department of Civil Engineering ZH College of engineering and Technology Aligarh Muslim University presented the paper tilted ” EXPERIMENTAL STUDIES ON FLY ASH-WASTE SLUDGE MIX REINFORCED WITH GEOFIBRES” and also privileged to Chair a session in the  XIII International Conference on Soil Mechanics and Geotechnical Engineering: ICSMGE 2015  at Paris, France

With the aim to utilize the industrial waste such as fly ash from Dadri Thermal Power Plant, electroplating waste sludge reinforced with geofibre for geotechnical and highway engineering applications in an environmentally safe manner. The detailed investigations such as CBR and leaching tests were undertaken, to judge the suitability and effectiveness of fly ash, waste sludge and geofibre mix. It has been observed that the mix containing 83.5%-93.5% fly ash, 5%-10% waste sludge and 1%-1.5% geofibre has shown good strength characteristics. Hence, this study paves the way to utilize fly ash upto 90% and waste sludge upto 8.5 % with 1.5% geofibre. On the other hand the present stabilization process is very effective in controlling the environmental pollution, because the heavy toxic metals present in the electroplating waste sludge were completely recycled without any adverse impact on the environment, as the stabilized mix complies with the standards set by US EPA (1992) and other agencies like EEC (1991).. This process is so effective that it immobilizes  98% heavy metals in the leachate. This study also encourages the mass scale utilization of fly ash and electroplating waste sludge for highway engineering applications.

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