Nagaland Lynching: is the mob justice justified?

The barbaric Nagaland lynching incident has triggered the nation. The youth, who is suspected to be an illegal Bangladeshi migrant was accused of a raping a girl. The mob deliberately broke into jail and lynched the rape accused, Syed Fareed Khan, a 35-year old man. He had alleged raped a Naga woman twice on Feb. 23 and Feb. 24 at different places. Few days later, he was dragged out of the jail amidst high security by irate mob. The mob launched a parade with accused all naked and later thrashed him to death. The thing to be noted here is the behaviour of wrathful mob. Given the rise in number of rape cases the anger is justified, but this action against the accused which is illegal of course, is not acceptable.

“It’s most unfortunate. No one is allowed to take law into their hands. Every accused has access to legal process. I strongly condemn the lynching by the mob. ’’ Says social activist Shabnam Hashmi.As the person who was dragged and paraded all round naked and beaten to death was an ‘accused’ and not the ‘culprit’. It is against the law and a strict violation of human rights. Even if the person was proven ‘guilty’, the mob had got no right to act in heinous manner and legalise their brutality.
Mr. Ameeque Jamei a member of CPI says “it is unfortunate to learn that a woman is raped every 20 minutes is India, the anxiety of rape victims can’t be described in words.In Dimapur incident, the anger of the irate mob is justified but the way the mob decided itself to punish the accused is a disrespect of the Indian judiciary. Such incidents should be tackled at fast track courts. This is the only way to restore the trust of common man in law and order.’’

The defenders of human rights are nowhere to be seen. Was the ‘accused’ who was beaten to death brutally not a human being? For an instance, let’s say he was a Bangladeshi, But that doesn’t give anybody the licence to kill him except for the law. At the time of 16 Dec, Delhi gang rape protests, it was strictly taken care of that the mob doesn’t get hold of law. In Dimapur incident, the authorities ‘dormant behaviour has taken a life. It is wisely said “A mob has many heads but no brains”. This selected sensitivity and leniency in law order should be curbed as to avoid future incidents like this.

[author image=”” ]I am Farheen Sultana pursuing English Honours from Jamia Millia Islamia and I am  interested in highlighting social issues and political issues[/author]

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