‘Why only Jamia’? ‘Jamia is not Sexist

The esteemed university Jamia Millia Islamia lands into a new controversy which is based on baseless allegations. The mainstream media (of course with the support of insiders) is accusing Jamia administration of sexist approach over restrictions imposed on girls staying in hostels.As per the hostel rules, girls have to return back by 8 PM. Also, they have to seek permission from their local guardians for staying out late at nights. Several media houses have bashed upon the university administration by accusing it of being a diktat and formulating a sexist policy.

The row emerged when an independent, privately owned web portal ‘Jamia Journal’ posted the notice released by the hostel administration on its Facebook page. The post titled as ‘New Sexist Hostel policy angers and upsets Jamia girls hostel residents ’ accuses the varsity of oppressing the girls and curtailing their liberty, hence sexist. The mainstream media highlighted the issue and controversy sparked.

When a student chooses to opt for a varsity’s residential option, he/she becomes the responsibility of the university administration. Their safety, security and well being become the concern of the hostel authorities. There are certain rules and regulations and the students are expected to abide by them, provided the rules are meant for the convenience and aren’t too harsh.

So is the case with this minority institution. Situated in Delhi, the girls of the university like other girls of the city are vulnerable to anti-social elements. Delhi is one of the unsafe cities for women in India. Now, when girls hailing from far fletched areas of the country choose to reside in the hall of residence of the university, their safety and security becomes a matter of prime concern for the administration in this metropolitan city.
Not only that Jamia is the only one to imply such rules but many such institutions are there in the country.

Here is the list of Colleges/Universities where same rules are followed

Indira Gandhi Delhi Technical University for Women – IGDTUW- 8PM
Miranda House (Delhi University)- 8PM
Daulat Ram College (Delhi University)- 7PM
Banaras Hindu University- 9PM
Aligarh Muslim University- 6 PM; for B.Tech students- 10:30 PM
Doon University, Dehradun : College campus-8 ;Hostel-10; Library reading room -9 PM
Maharaja Sayaji Rao University Baroda- 8PM

The question here also arise that why all the fingers are being pointed at Jamia Millia Islamia. Why not the other universities being questioned and accused of the same allegations?
Earlier it was Aligarh Muslim University which was targeted by the media for denying entry of undergraduate female students to the library. The issue however turned out to be totally opposite as it was projected by the media. Now, it is Jamia’s turn to be at the gun point of media. It seems both the universities are targeted because of their affiliation with a certain community.

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  1. Please get the facts right. Earlier this was the rule, now hostel has issued a notice that the LATE NIGHTS ARE NOT AllOWED ANYMORE, it was twice a month.

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