Venkaiah Naidu Visits to JNU Opposed

JNUSU today organized a protest demo against the visit of the Minister of Parliamentary affairs in JNU. The main question that every student of JNU today raising is “where will we go”. Given the massive seat cuts in the universities across the country, it is not surprising that this is a direct onslaught by the current regime that seems hell bent on destroying the future of students in the country by completely wiping them out of the universities and bringing research to a complete standstill.
In this context the visit of any such minister needs to be opposed as they refuse to take the issue of students in concern. Since the administration is working in the hand and gloves with the Government each day its getting difficult for the students to continue their struggle against this multi prolonged attack from each sides. The shut down JNU still continues daily here, in varied forms and through different structures.
It is the unity of the students and political parties that could only determine way of stiff resistance against such attempts to convert the culture and demography of JNU which would be conformist to the ideology and agendas of the present government.

(Writer is Ujjawal from JNU )

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