Students of Swami Shrdhanand college made people realize the pain of visually challenged people

Swami Shrdhanand College,Delhi University:
  • 31-05-2015
Who said it’s too hot to go out in daytime in this weather? may be but this is definitely not a Raahgiri thing! every Sunday people get ready for another fun filled Sunday morning and here was the new set of fun filled activities for the people who came from every corner of Delhi.
This Sunday students of Swami Shrdhanand college,DU organized a box full of fun activities for the people who participated in the Raahgiri day at Connaught Place, New Delhi. The show was focused to make people realize the pain of visually challenged people, as no other thing can replace one’s eyes! Volunteers of the college blindfolded the people and then they had to recognize their friends just by touching their faces bearing a particular mark. They made them played small games in this way. Apart from this students also spreaded awareness about the donation of eyes and its procedure as it can open a world to a person! A brief description of sign language was also given. As every Sunday, this one also proved a success

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