An amalgam of beats echoed throughout Connaught Place, every Sunday at Raahgiri Day. From drum beats, zumba and fitness playlists to religious chants, people have many genres to choose from. This is an initiative organized and supported by Delhi Police, New Delhi Municipal Council (NDMC), along with Embarq India and Times of India.

Raahgiri is a way to teach and learn new thoughts to a mass audience from different age groups. In the open spaces of big cities, kids hardly found space to play outside. But Raahgiri is a platform not just to portrait your talent but to play, learn and much more. It is a healthy initiative where fitness sessions take place every Sunday at different ends.

Delhiites overwhelmingly reach the inner circle as early as 6 AM and out of their busy schedule, they devote time for Raahgiri and enjoy the worthy fitness sessions to maintain their health and to resist themselves to be fit.

Raahgiri concept promotes fun and healthy living. While the majority drove down to the events, there are braves who ride their bikes from areas as far off as Dwarka and Yamuna Vihar.

From cycle rallies to zumba sessions, street football to gym training, there was something for everyone here. The heat and humidity failed to deter the spirit of people who walked around the circle participating in all the activities. The zumba stage, set-up by fitness partner, Reebok(TM), was one of the most popular places to be in and the crowd danced to original zumba tracks as well as Honey Singh numbers.

The equipment space had trained gym instructors guiding people on using weights and machines and the kickboxing arena had state level players showing off their moves.

People who miss out on these crucial fitness regimens, Raahgiri Day help them to preserve their health.

It is a celebration of a car free zone area. An area where people can jog, walk, run, play, dance, skate, cycle and Zumba. There are no lazier Sundays for the Capital and as the clock strikes 7, the area is bustling with activities.

People at Raahgiri promote healthy habits and offer a healthy environment to people where they can do anything despite being from any age group.

They not just focus on providing space for activities but also promote variety of habits.

Every Sunday witnesses students coming from various schools and colleges who turn up as enthusiastic participants at Raahgiri Day.
Children miss out their tuitions and other classes, just to participate or attend the activities and the events going around and don’t want to lose up on any experience they could fetch from each Raahgiri Day. Delhiwale recently got the chance to catch up with the football players of team Delhi Dynamos.

Live Dhol Bhangra aerobics and stick aerobics continues to gain popularity but Cycling has garnered much more popularity.

As the sun cast its first ray of the day while the recently installed huge national flag fluttered overhead, the face of CP seems to appear as never before. With the shops closed and the roads, to the inner circle barricaded for motor vehicles, it is Raahgiri time at CP.

[author image=”http://www.aapkatimes.com/wp-content/uploads/2014/08/Sonakshi.jpg” ]I am Sonakshi Khurana student at Vivekananda Institute of Professional Studies pursuing Bachelors in Journalism and Mass Communication. With a keen interest in social issues, I wish to serve my country for its better and prosperous future [/author]

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