DU’s Motilal Nehru college organises Commerce buzz’17

“Slow is smooth, smooth is fast”. As we, the commerce society of Motilal Nehru College, gained our endeavors of the annual commerce fest, we learnt this well. From running around for decor to calling companies for sponsorships, we worked day in and day out to make this a coup. Most importantly, our fest completed its 10 years which added to the confetti. Combrosia conducted a magnificent and stupendous fest this year, we had a footfall of around 2500 students which led to a huge success and appreciation which was only possible because of our Convenor Dr. Ekta Duggal who was always by our side to help and guide us and our entire team who worked for it.

Here is a sneak peak of all the events held:

  1. THE SOCIAL CALIPHATE (mega event)

The mega event was designed specially for this year since it completed a decade of its existence. Here’s the route map of the event, canteen ,The participants were given different locations inside the canteen,dog shelter etc) and they were supposed to find the social issues which hampered that area. In the following round, the teams were given political leaders to run a campaign and take it to the heights of public euphoria. The winners were awarded prizes worth Rs.35000. 6 teams participated in this event.


This event dragged out the best business minds , the participants were given a questionnaire consisting of 20 questions each, which were related to business, politics etc. The highest scorers were lifted to the second round where they were given two already existing companies which they had to merge to form an innovative, new product of their own. The teams were given 30 minutes to do so. Four teams were selected with the best proposal of ideas and they qualified for the third and final round for presentation. 7 teams participated in this event.


The craze to have a cricket lexicon has been prevalent in us since inception. All the teams sat for a short sports quiz and the qualifying teams proceeded for the next round . Round 2 brought out the batsmen in the participants as they played the knockout matches against each other. Finally 8 qualifying teams sat for an auction wherein they were given a virtual budget to buy 11 players for their team. Prizes worth Rs.30k were awarded to the best team. 64 teams participated in this event. 


This was a treat for all the filmy souls. The participants were given questionnaires for the prelims with questions regarding Hollywood and Bollywood movies. 10 teams qualified for the second round where they were given a list of 10 movies to bid with a virtual budget of 1cr. The process continued wherein the teams had to make a sequel of the movie chosen by them. The team with the best story were awarded cash prizes and coupons. 48 teams participated in this event. 


In this newly introduced event called “Chakravyuh”, which essentially had to do with testing the hunger for risk management among students. The entire event was divided into 2 rounds –  the 1st being a questionnaire round and then selecting the top 8 teams which then competed in round 2 was a Case study based round. 46 teams participated in this event.

  1. PAIGAM -The street play competition 

This competition was purely based on making a street play of your own and presenting, with a total time limit of 20 minutes. The teams presented with musical props and basic props in hindi as well as in English . The winning team was awarded prizes worth Rs. 15000.14 teams participated in this event. 


Each team were given a set of 20 mc questions with a time limit of 15 minutes. The questions were related to current affairs,business,politics etc. The highest scorers qualified for the second , which is the rapid fire round. The teams were rapidly asked 6-7 questions within a time limit. After qualifying the rapid fire the teams moved to the next round which was the buzzer round wherein they had to press the buzzer in order to answer questions. The teams with the highest score won the event. 20 teams participated in this event. 


This event was for all the adoholics . The first round was the elimination round which was based on a questionnaire. The second round consisted of identifying tv advertisements. Participants qualified futher for the third round which was to identify the logo of a certain brand which totally proved their loyalty towards the products they choose. The fourth round was to lip sync, which is to observe and understand your fellow team mate! Top 2 teams were awarded with cash prizes. 40 teams participated in this event. 

  1. SHERLOCK’D – The game is on

For all the mystery seekers this event was a total win win ! A questionnaire was given out to the participants in which they had to answer as many questions as possible in under 3 minutes. In the following round the participants were segregated into teams and a list of items were given to each team to find all the mentioned items. In the final round the teams had to hunt for clues given to them . Cash prizes were awarded to the winning teams.

  1. STOCKATHON – mock stock

A multiple choice questionnaire consisting of 30 questions regarding business,stock etc were given to the teams. In the final round each team were given different pool of companies to invest in and some shares and a fixed virtual sum of cash. A total of 12 round of 3 minutes each were held to buy and sell shares. 28 teams participated in this event.

  1. SHUTTER STOCK -through the lenses

An online event was held to click the shots inside the college campus within an allotted time limit .A relevant caption was to be given without any editing. 34 students participated in this event.



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