“We are JNU”- this slogan has made the voice of youth much more youthful with zeal energy and enthusiasm. This has boiled up the blood of young rebels and made them active on the streets of Delhi and in the universities which faces the problem of an unwanted interference. The universities triggered towards a real unrest situation since the FTII issue emerged and it went on like a series from Dalit scholar Rohit Vemula’s “institutional murder ” to JNUSU President’s Kanhaiyya Kumar’s arrest. What is under crisis here in the country currently is the lack of tolerance to absorb the conflicting ideas into it as it always did , and the need to introspect into the real issues. the JNU incidence has undoubtedly created a big question mark on the concept of right to dissent and it turned more wierd when right to dissent was compared with anti nationalism. Indian situation has reached towards such an extend where the different ideas and concept of nationalism has been tarnished under the nose of administrative heads and just one ideological brand of nationalism is being propagated , shown and glorified. This is indeed a very dangerous situation where and when the voices of the non conform is destroyed visibly. At such point of time one must be clear about the fact that any statement which propogates violence inside the country which may lead to breakdown of system must be tackled with the utmost punishment as per constitutional methods and at the same time there should be check on the point wether the ‘RIGHT TO DISSENT’ is being protected or not, The act of sedition of IPC 124 came into limelight with the issue of kanhaiyya kumar and all the historical activities of this very act were being discussed in debated newspapers and channels .what is sedition as per IPC? “Whoever, by words, either spoken or written, or by signs, or by visible representation, or otherwise, brings or attempts to bring into hatred or contempt, or excites or attempts to excite disaffection towards. 2[* * *] the Government established by law in 3[India], 4[* * *] shall be punished with 5[imprisonment for life], to which fine may be added, or with imprisonment which may extend to three years, to which fine may be added, or with fine.” – this is what the law says and we had historic leaders like Bhagat Singh, Gandhi , Tilak, who were arrested under this same British made law and now we have the leader Kanhaiyya who did nothing seditious in the campus which provoked attempt to bring hatred in the society as per the recent evidences cleared out after all the fragmented doctored videos which Delhi Police had at first.

Nothing can be more shameful than what our Honorable home minister SH. Rajnath singh did after just relying upon the facts of twitter who has the complete hub of intelligence with him. What happened and is happening is the complete breakdown of all the 3 structures of India. where legislatives executives and judiciary is getting influenced by the some biased characters Something which went absolutely shocking was the biased twist which some media did recently over JNU issue and their over simplifying words and news about the much fragmented events  did no good but helped in destroying few lives ideas and institutions whereas thankfully some did stand for truth and virtual truth. 
With all these developments one should be  very clear that those who claim to be the most nationalist happens to be the most anti nationalistic person or idea because here the ultimate aim is to increase vote banks with all the dirty tricks be it religion caste region or India as a whole. 
This land would have never thought that under the dominance of its own people, from the dominance of the white people , the policy and divide and rule would flourish in the name of democracy , neither it she would have though that her identity would be branded by few sect. This is high time to move against such forces with the help of legal orders and to fight against all the odds and dominance and unwanted pressure created like what we see now. This nation consists of youth in large number and the coming years will be framed by use as Patel said “youth is the steel frame of India”. And freedom from poverty , Brahmanism,caste ism, feudalism is a much needed factor for the holistic development of our own land and a collective consciousness to work and accomplish such a task is much needed. 
A nationalist.        

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