Jamia students on protest since last 12 hours against illegal raid attempt

Hundreds of students in Jamia Millia Islamia have been protesting since last 12 hours against allegedly illegal raid attempt in hostel by the Delhi Police.It is known that Some members of Delhi Police entered the hostel premises yesterday at 4PM and  tried to enter in hostels  and students protested and stopped them entering the hostels.

Students are in extreme anger about this incident blaming it as a failure of administration and demanding While addressing the protesting students University proctor Prof. Mehtab Alam said that administration had no information about any such activities of Police. However,the India’s leading news agency PTI in their report mentioned that the Jamia official says it was a routine exercise.

The students are demanding that the university officials shall call a press conference and tell the media that how Delhi police entered the hostel premise without their permission. The students have vowed not to disperse from the main gate of the university as a mark of protest until the administration acts on the demands of the protesting students.

Jamia Protest

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