Hatred Towards Love

How do we define love? Some say love has no definition and some say it is eternal. But when we live in country like India, love defines itself according to different culture and rituals. Here exists endogamy and exogamy which confuses people about their own existence. According to some culture, marriage should be done within the same caste and also their exist other culture that treats such as a sin. So, this conclude as different opinion about marriage in our country, so to speak, different opinion and definition of love.

The case from Agra where two lovers slit each other’s throats just because they wanted to get married but their family members were against their inter-religion relationship and asked them not to continue further.
The 18 year old Shabnam and 25 year old Rajveer decided to end their lives and they chose Taj Mahal to put an end to all their miseries. Security guards found their bodies and rushed them to the hospital. As per doctor both of them were out of danger.

This is one news but there are endless instances which portray the sick mentality of our society. The society where people hate love and love hatred. It is acceptable to keep up the honor of our families at the cost of lives of young lovers.

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