Delhi university’s wall of humanity is breaking barriers

“If we have no peace it’s because we have forgotten that we belong to each other.”Mother Teresa.

In the times of Spine chilling winter when the temperature of Capital went as low as 3°C , there are still a number of people who lack proper clothing. Perhaps Humanity isn’t dead yet, throughout the season, one or other social organisation stands up for the people who can’t afford the basic clothing. Recently ,Delhi University Students’ Union (DUSU) has come up with a much-trending initiative “The Wall of Humanity” (NEKI K DEEWAR). It’s been a long time since, when DUSU has been spotted entering into the realms of social work. Whereas, DUSU is well known for money muscle power politics,this is their lastest social venture along with student for development (SFD).

‘Wall of humanity’ was initiated in Iran, for the homeless, where people hanged their unused clothes on a wall and left them to be picked by needy. Perhaps, in a parallel world where war and poverty has hit hard humanity, this noble initiative is spreading like a wildfire in other parts of the world. From Pakistan to India’s major cities like Allahabad, Chandigarh it has finally reached the capital of country where in Delhi university students have hooked their unused clothes and stuff without name or any specification, anybody requiring that can pick it up.* free of cost*

“First day we saw coffee mugs and books on the wall, it’s fascinating for those who do not own it.” Says Priyanka Chhawari, Vice President of DUSU.

She further added “We are committed towards the development of students and society since the very first day we were appointed. we have started social internships as well. This wall of humanity is one of the initiatives, we are working in collaboration with Students for development (SFD). This wall is for the people who cannot afford, many students have come from far cities and our campus isn’t compact too, we thought there are n number of things that are not useful to us but it’s like a dream for others. ”
” Students are appreciating this, they are coming up with their stuff, initially, we were planning to construct a new wall for this but we did not have much time, though the permission process is ongoing we have written a letter to our Vice Chancellor, once it’s approved we will have a wall outside all the colleges.” added Priyanka.

Since the time Priyanaka has won DUSU election she has been contributing considerably well to the welfare of the university and society. “ I make efforts to reach to all the students of DU, to keep them updated regarding our work related affairs and issues.”

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