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Meet this former TV Journalist who is making a difference for nature

The growing population and industrial revolutions have taken an excruciating toll on nature, the environment has suffered a lot and its time people start making the changes.

Prerna Prasad, a former TV journalist, an activist at heart, and a true environmentalist understood this need and came up with “ Ecoplore”. She started her career as a journalist at CNN-IBN and has also written a non-fiction novel ‘Love@Politics’.

Prerna Prasad, Founder, Ecoplore

Prerna Prasad is the founder and CEO of Ecoplore which is an aggregator platform for eco-hotels, it promotes eco-friendly holidays for people at exotic locations. While working as a journalist Prerna understood that corruption is the biggest issue that is a threat to us and it is us destroying the environment, without freshwater and air our survival would not be possible.

She is an activist and environmentalist and recognized the threat of environmental pollution and she knew the importance of letting this message reach the masses as only by the support of the mass population can we overcome the pollution and destruction of the mother earth.

Ecoplore is the brainchild and an initiative by Prerna Prasad that aims to limit the construction of concrete hotels and resorts that destroy the environment, instead, her platform promotes the use of eco-friendly hotel that displays the importance of nature to people and also helps in conserving the nature as it is without destroying the environment.

Ecoplore looks for two major factors, firstly the property should have 33% of greenery inside and secondly, the construction of these properties should be non-concrete.

Prerna Prasad took a big step and her idea is in itself a revolution focused to conserve the environment and help mother earth heal. She took it upon herself to bridge the widening gap between the eco-travelers and eco-stays.  She wants to encourage and promote the population in choosing eco-friendly stays that will help in nurturing the environment and bring people close to nature and then can only her initiative truly be fruitful.

Prerna Prasad took the strong initiative in the environment movement to save the cutting of 50,000 tresses in South Delhi for CPWD and NBCC redevelopment projects. She patrolled day and night, filled complaints, took part in protests, and successfully her persistent efforts paid off when a penalty was imposed on the CPWD for cutting of trees.

Prerna Prasad is a youth icon who opposed the wrong policies of the government head-forward and made them change their wrong policies for destroying the environment. This earth is not our property and we do not have any rights to destroy and interfere in the natural cycle but we are doing it, hence it is our major responsibility to conserve the environment this is the core of all the efforts of Prerna.

Ecoplore has won a GOLD award by Outlook Responsible Tourism recently for all the courageous efforts and eco-friendly innovation by the startup of Prerna.

She is an inspiration to all of us and we too need to support her and help in the conservation of our environment, because nature is not from us but we are from nature.

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Meet this 57 year old lady farmer who distributes free vegetables in 15 villages during lockdown

The COVID- 19 has created troubling times for people all over the globe. While the government and its authorities are battling this pandemic the citizens are doing their part too in helping the people, some more than others.

Chhayarni Sahu is one noble lady who had understood the needs of the people and decided to feed those who were starving and became their only hope. In Kuruda village, Bhadrak district of Bhuneshwar, a 57-year-old lady who is a farmer had been distributing free vegetables to the villagers.

Image Source: Manas Sahu/The Better India

She is someone who understood the pain and suffering of the rural population and seeing their starvation decided to help them. She wanted to do her part in helping the government but she did not have cash so she started distributing vegetables and milk, she started feeding people. It is not always those with money who tend to make a difference , it is those who are righteous that make the difference in society.

It is not just everyone who undertakes the task of helping the needy, it requires courage and a good heart, and with this initiative in mind, Chhayarani has distributed more than 50 quintals of free vegetables in more than 15 villages to serve the people.

She is the mother of four children and along with her husband and family has been farming for more than two decades now. She is also a dairy farmer and hence has all means of essentials with her, but it takes a big heart to share them with those who are less fortunate.

This year due to the lockdown there was a lack of demand in the market and instead of letting the vegetables and dairy go to waste she decided to take the matters into her own hands, and along with volunteers, she started distributing the vegetables in packets to the villagers for free. She is a person who felt the pain of starvation amidst the lockdown and decided that she would not let anyone sleep hungry at her watch.

In her initiative she also distributes milk to the police officers who are doing their duty to maintain the law and Chhayarani is doing her duty as a responsible citizen feeding the people.

All the people are praising the efforts of Chhhayrani and her family, as she is lending support and not letting anyone sleepy hungry.

Chhayarani Sahu the lady who has now become the savior of many families is an icon of hope who deserves all the praise and who in these troubled times choose the path that would benefit all, that would help in sustaining a good society. It is her sheer willpower which drove her to carry out this generous act and she didn’t do it for some fame or glory but the blessing that she received and because she wants to do her part in supporting her nation.

She is a savior who is showing kindness in these times deserves praise and is an example to others out there to be kind and support during these times.

Written by : Ravi