Young India Speaks, students united to hit Capital’s streets with their demands

By: Shivangi Saxena With a united effort of students from across the nation Young India National Coordination Committee (YINCC) has been formed. The YINCC held public meeting and press conference in Press Club of India on Friday and released the Young India Charter for 2019 elections. JNUSU President N Sai Balaji said at the Press Conference, “Like the Kisans of the country, the youth will now call the bluff out of the government. We have been denied our rightful education, dignified employment and when we raised our voice they called our anti-national. In the last five years all of us fought our struggles, now we will unitedly march and challenge the present government.” YINCC is a combined effort of Student-Youth movements, union members and organizations from around the country.
Anupam from Youth for Swaraj said, “The way all dignified sources of employment have been diluted in the last five years is unprecedented. The Y4S is wholeheartedly a part of the initiative and will ensure that the Young India Adhikar March will strongly challenge the anti-people policies of the government.” The primitive demands of Young India National Coordination Committee include- Fill all vacant government jobs and end the regime of paper leaks and corruption in recruitment, spend at least 10% of the budget on education, stop the policy of school closure, seat-cut, fund-cut, fee-hike and reservation-cut in higher education, end gender discriminatory rules, ensure girls hostel and effective Anti-Sexual Harassment Cells, fulfill constitutionally mandated reservation and Institute anti-discrimination cells in all campuses. The committee comprises of members from reputed institutions like Jawaharlal Nehru University, Aligarh Muslim University, IIT Madras among others. The initiative clubbed together varied students unions in different colleges. The list of constituent members includes- JNUSU President, MANUU Students Union Hyderabad, Panjab University Student Union, President and Vice-president of Allahabad Student Union, AIIMS Doctors Union, CYSS, TISS Student Union Mumbai, Youth for Swaraj to name a few. Hari Om from CYSS said, “The government that should spend on education and employment is giving away benefits to corporate. The youth has presented a Charter that has no place of hate and division. We are together in this fight.” Avantika from Pinjra Tod told, “By cutting our scholarship, by not providing us hostel, by imposing discriminatory rules, all they are trying to do is to stop us from getting higher education. Women from all over the country have not only fought against discrimination and curfew timing, we are here to demand our right to education.” Atul Sood, Secretary of FEDCUTA expressed solidarity of the teachers’ community with this initiative. The YINCC has also declared that thousands of youth from all across the country will march on the streets of Delhi on coming 7th February to demand education, jobs, and dignity. All forces of student-youth who have faced and fought against the divisive anti-education, anti-youth policies of the present government in last five years will flood the streets of Delhi on 7th February and will run a powerful campaign against the betrayals of the government.

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