VSI Proved-“CA Course Easier than 10th and 12th!”

Once a wise man said that if you want to achieve your dreams in your life, then only one person can stop you and the person is “YOU”.

Students have a common problem, students start to believe in things which they hear frequently. In their school times, they often heard that the CA Course is the toughest course in India, only brilliant students have the power to clear the exam.

VSI Jaipur proved wrong to all those students who believe that only excellent students can clear the CA Course. Shocked, how can be it possible? With the help of proper guidance, best notes, regular mock tests, VSI Jaipur proved that CA Course is easier than 10th and 12 class exams.

 From a decade VSI Jaipur holds the records of highest selection in CA foundation, in CA intermediate and also in CA final. VSI Jaipur has given all India 1st rank in CA finals and all India 1st rank in CS executive from the last eight years.

Why do students join VSI Jaipur for CA courses?

VSI is the first institute of India which has given six times All India 1st rank in CA IPCC in the last eight years. The best institute for those who prepare for CA foundation, CA intermediate and CA final too.

Here, I will share the list of such reasons for the VSI Jaipur which makes VSI the best institute. And the list is enough to prove that the CA Course of the VSI Jaipur is easier than 10th and 12th.

  •   VSI has given All India first rank in CA for the last 8 years.
  • VSI Jaipur also gave all India first rank in CS executive
  • Given CA final toppers 2019
  • For a decade, VSI has produced CA foundation toppers.
  •  VSI Jaipur has a team of Professional Faculties
  •  VSI provides Good quality notes to the students.
  • VSI Jaipur gives a healthy environment for studies.
  •  VSI organized an efficient mock test series.

VSI study Pattern for CA Foundation/ Intermediate/ Final Examination-

VSI Jaipur uses Different pattern for study as a comparison to the other institute, the institute believes

In three steps of studies, first classes, second mock test, third personalized guidance. And this thing makes VSI Jaipur the best institute for CA, CS. Generally, people call VSI the Institution of CA toppers.

  Jaipur Centre Other then Jaipur center Online classes Expected Role in CA Results
1-Classes Face to face Video classes Video classes 10%
2- Mock test conducted conducted conducted 40%
3-personalized guidance Provided telephonically Provided telephonically Provided telephonically 50%

Personalized Guidance-

If you want extraordinary results, then you have to do what you have never done before in your life.

VSI Jaipur strongly believes that an average student can turn into CA topper by providing the proper guidance, proper environment. Personalized guidance for every student makes VSI the best institute for CA Course and hub of CA toppers. VSI Jaipur divides the students batch into a group of 50 students. Where students need to go through a mock test. The level of Personal guidance depends on the marks of the mock tests.

VSI Mock Test Series-

Mock test papers are very fruitful for every student who is preparing for the exam, but they can be more fruitful for the CA student. Mock papers have a superpower that can turn an average student into a CA topper. The main motive of mock test papers is to face students the situations of the main exams. Often its happen that student can quickly solve the whole paper, but because of exam pressure student only give 50%, exam pressure directly hit the result. For releasing the exam pressure, VSI Jaipur conducts regular mock test series for the student. VSI follows the real exam pattern in mock tests.

Benefit of Mock Test Papers-

  • Preparing for the Main Exam
  • Preparing students for 100% attempts
  • Create confidence
  • Enable students to attempt 100% paper
  • Self-examination
  • Release exam fear
  • Improve speed

Mock test pattern

  • Time table based mock test
  • test papers will be sent on the scheduled date.
  • Students can download the paper and solve it in the given time.
  • Students can check their answer key and prepare for the future.

Features of Mock Test Papers-

1-Design of mock test paper-

VSI design mock test paper according to the main exam papers of CA Course. The motive of the mock test paper is to produce the CA toppers. People think that conduct a mock test paper is straightforward, but it’s not like that. Mock test papers are to teach students various things like which question should be attempt first and which should be left.

2-Neutral Paper setting-

The main objective of mock test papers is not only to solve the things which have been taught in the classroom. Mock test papers are designed on the basis that every student can develop the necessary skills which are useful in the main exam.

Classes under Professionals-

Studies can’t be easy as they look until students don’t teach by professionals.

VSI faculties are the backbone of the institute, faculties of VSI has more than 8year experience. Every teacher holds the record of the best teacher in a particular subject. Institute has hardly believed that every student comes with dreams, emotions, and with a passion, so it’s a moral duty of institute that institute provides the best facility for CA Course and helps them to achieve their goals.VSI students, have their classes under the professionals’ teachers, to become the next CA topper.


Nothing is impossible when you are starting to believe in yourself.

VSI also believes in the same thing, that every student can be the next CA toppers if they are started to believe in themself. The institute gives three steps of education to every student, first classes, second mock test, and third is personalized guidance. By going through these three steps of education, students become fearless, self-confident, and ready for the exam. VSI it’s not only an institute for CA but also a place where every ordinary student can be an extraordinary student. That’s why I am saying that the VSI course is easier than 10th and 12th.

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