My muscles ache a bit where the rash started but I am still convinced that recovery is happening. Night time is a nightmare! Still hurts in my left arm, goes to my breast, my nipple? Just bought my first home to take care of my terminally ill mother. I was very hesistant to take more medication becasue I knew my stomach would freak out, but if I didn't take it then the pain got worse and worse. I can't relax because of the pain so I am very tense. my grandaughter is 11yrs old and has two lots of cluster spots on her back which she say are painful is it shingles? My muscle in that area feels sore. I'm positive the pain I am experiencing is exactly how that would feel.My first symptom was on Thursday, 15 September 2016 when I had a twinge of a headache behind one eye. Doc didnt know what it was and dismissed the pain by announcing that i have nothinh to worry about and the ultrasound scan just showed the baby being slightly on the big side. Nights are still painful though. Apologies in advance but considering my recent health issues.....l would rather have my chemo, radiation, and broken ankle than Shingles.......even tho l was hospitalised at the time. THen I got a bad cold and immune system got low, so shingles came back with a fury. mmitch81 -- Thank you for continuing to post. God Bless you all. There are also diminishing returns on the effectiveness of the vaccine; it only lasts for 5 years. I am on a low dose, 50mg twice a day, and it's what got me to be able to sleep through the night. I never got a severe rash (thank goodness) just the nervie pain.My very young doctor had no idea that the pain comes at night. The generic don't work as well because they are flimsy and don't make good surface contact. I didn't have a issue with the rash and she put me on a low dose of gabapentin and gave me some pain meds. I'm like everyone else where by 8:00am-ish I'm pain-free and as the evening progresses it comes on, and then during the night I'm up every two hours taking pain meds and Advil. 3 weeks today and I think the worst is over. I was diagnosed on New Year's Day. After recovering my lung function, I now have shingles as a ´side effect´ from all the steroids. Hopefully you are now either in or quickly approaching recovery!! No inner nerve pain and I am grateful for that. Ohio weather is that way now. My dr gave me Norco and it helps with the shooting pains. My migraines are getting worse. I was on gabapentin, but after three years on it, I started to have extreme anxiety and depression, to a disabling I had to get off of it. For any of you dealing with this asshole shingles, I am sorry and feel like there should be a cure for this. I am currently 35 weeks pregnant and was only diagnosed yesterday. There's no definite way to prevent post-herpetic neuralgia. I have taken more over the counter pills than I ever have in a long time. The other issue I had is something I felt I should warn others. I'm so glad I saw this blog since this whole thing is scary and depressing! Leg Pain Worse at Night Overview. It is 4:30 AM as I am typing this, as I have not been able to sleep all night. Xoxo. I recommend an inflatable neck pillow just in case you fall asleep in the tub. Use at your own risk. I'm sorry to hear of your suffering. Ladies - opioids never helped my pain much. I have typical shingles. I am now just passing 3 weeks with shingles...first thought to be bad muscle pull. today and she told me to keep up the meds for a couple of weeks and then see what happens. I stopped taking the meds but now I use lidocaine patches.....should have switched to these patches a lot sooner. I hope my account of shingles may help someone cope with their symptoms and wish us all a speedy recovery. Thank you so much! I need some sleep. Gonna drag out my TENS and give it a try. It is horrible. Before getting diagnosed with shingles, I had no idea what it entailed. Study explains why patients with shingles feel pain. I am attempting to behave as normal as I can and be positive this will pass soon. I'm sorry everyone is suffering this horrible illness, but glad to know I'm not losing my mind! So I went on vacation, bad move and the blisters came but not much pain. Next Dr appt set end of Sept but I think I will call and ask if I can up the gabapentin, because at this time I FEEL NO RELIEF. Which it was bad by then. In the case of allergies, a chemical called … I'm two weeks and two days in. Doterra tests their oils for potency and purity. Started in small of my back and has run round in a line round my side to my front. More recently the blisters have dried up and the burning pain has been not bad during the day and worse at night, as most comments have said. I am considering going back to the doctor tomorrow to see if i can get anything for the constant stabbing pain. "Bites" from front to back on the upper part of my torso in a line so to speak. The same virus, called varicella zoster, causes both chickenpox and shingles. My immune system was so low near the end of shingles that I developed a virus in my lungs and ended up in hospital. Like something is chewing my nerve inside my flesh. I take more pain medication and wait until it gets to the point where I no longer want to throw myself in front of a bus. I have nerve damage in my spine that causes shooting pain and itching. I am beginning week 5 and the pain is still tough to deal with - I have been on gabapentin and the antiviral. Tuesday morning woke to one lesion under my arm and went straight to minor emergency clinic. He will comfort and help. Like a little miracle. Low carb diet has helped some and i saw where lowering the amount of arginine in your diet and eating more lysine helps because the virus needs arginine to build its outer membranes.. Read the labels carefully and get high oleuropein. I tried acupuncture without relief, and am currently trying 1200 mg per day of palmitoylethanolamide, from the Netherlands. I wanted to add a comment about exercise. i wasnt doing anything before it started, only on my computer.i was wonderingm what it can be" Answered by Dr. Mary Engrav: You : You need to be medically evaluated immediately. Thought about trying it but haven't yet. The biggest problem is during at night I cannot go to sleep because the burning/stabbing sensation is strong. See my reply to the post just above yours where I talk about lidocaine patches. To me, it feels like that severe pain sits there waiting, ready to pounce as soon as I attempt to sleep. Wait at least 30 minutes. This sickness is no joke. It started after a very bad virus. So at the moment it is just constant pain. I wish I could prevent a recurrence. I feel like crying sometimes because my sleep is interrupted and I have been taking ambien to help me sleep. Stay positive and keep resting. It does get better. I've never had this before and I'm miserable. Interesting, informative, and useful. Which my dr won't prescribe again - I know they are addictive but surely one more week's worth isn't threatening? This is … We were in a pretty severe car accident a few weeks ago and my dr felt the trauma was enough to bring this on. Well it is 4.37 am. Best wishes to all. Makes no sense, I know, but it had the opposite affect while I had shingles and helped me relax / sleep. I could see where pain may vary depending on which nerve cluster was attacked by the shingles virus., Hi im very new to "shingles". Antiviral treatment for shingles, as well as vaccination against shingles, can help prevent post-herpetic neuralgia. Well by Monday of the following week I was still terrible with pain so made a appointment with my regular doctor. I am going to buy more of those or try to find one that is larger. Shingles can make it where you do not feel like eating, at least initially. Call out to Him. I stumbled across this site after looking at endless other web sites on shingles. Please let this be true. There must be those out there who can relate to my story. What is so weird for me about this is that you look so normal while having this biting pain under your skin. Problem is he is in Ohio and I live in FL so can't get no more TEMS to help arm pain. Like I said my wife is a doc and doing all she can but I got 1 hour last night and 2 the night before that's about my norm. They associated it with my post Neuralgic nerve pain. Begin by practicing good sleep hygiene techniques combined with exercise and stimulating activities. l am so glad l saw this doc....l was too scared to go to bed!!! With chickenpox, the virus leaves an itchy, spotted rash all over your body. I do think it really is vital that folks share their story and what helped or didn't help. If you know someone with shingles pain (which can, I hear, go on for YEARS!) Never had it but know what it's about. I am literally relieved! I hope this thing is on its way out. When it went away the second (final) time, I didn't quite believe it was really over. It took that gnawing nerve pain away for awhile. I did not need something the past 2 nights for the pain - and could sleep. So tired of this!! Janna, you are so welcome. The way this PHN is kicking my butt I would option for child birth. Though there are times that the pain is tolerable - I don't believe I will ever be back to normal.It all started weeks ago when I thought I was going crazy with pain in my foot and kept telling me wife to look at the bottom of my foot and my big toe as I felt these horrible pains, but she never was able to see anything, but trust me - I felt something!A couple weeks after the first onset of the pain - the rash started to appear. + why is ra pain worse at night 12 Nov 2020 Thumb Arthritis: Symptoms, Treatment and Recovery. Raw coconut oil applied to the rash is very healing and soothing. I know I gained some weight but haven't been checking blood sugar. Worth a try. I hope you are right about the 5-6 weeks. The stabbing pain goes to my eye, temple, and back of my neck. Not having the biting feeling inside my arm anymore. I tried the cimtizia and it burn so bad I busted into tears. This virus is ridiculous. They told me I had shingles and sent me home with pain meds (Percodin). I hope I don't have lasting effects from this. I'm on my 4th week of shingles and still feeling the pain at night. Now I really wonder if I'll ever feel normal again. What the heck? Seems to help me somewhat. Wondering if your pain ever went away or are you still dealing with it? I would sleep in a recliner with a hot water bottle, praying, and would eventually fall asleep. The night pain is horrible in my back. I literally had TWO WEEKS of feeling like my old self and now I'm dealing with this monster of an illness. I can't use the Lidocaine patches because of hair on the legs. It's a horrid disease. This will be the sixth week and I'm still suffering. The pain is definitely worse at night, or when I do any sort of exertion. All of the above.....diagnosed 1.5 weeks ago. My name is Dan and I am 55 years old. Wishing you all better , I too have had shingles now for 2 weeks. I have pain in the palm of my hand at the base of my thumb. Cant imagine losing this much sleep for another 4-5 weeks. I am still going to get the vaccine once in feel totally healed because I have heard this can happen more than once. Wondering if the risk is really that high since it's mainly paracetamol and only contains a small amount of codeine. The pain worsens at night, hot baths relieve pain and coffee seems to work too. I thought it was an insect bite and then realised that it could be shingles although I had never had it before. I also got much more relief from the Lidocaine patches. I just can't even believe this is happening. Can't move at the moment because the pain is making me feel sick. Oftentimes, perception of pain is worsened because of the reduced distractions at night time. That was on a Monday, on Wednesday the rash appeared, so back to doc. The pain of post … Find out what shingles can cause, what to look for, and how to get treated. Mainly in my upper underarm arm area. I have four little ones who ask me everyday when I will be better. I have a feeling this would have been much worse. (the shingles-eye poster). Applying benedryl cream. I was a week before my 49th birthday when I got shingles, and was in great health. Just a bit unnerving because it's like it's still talking a little. I've been dealing with this about 2 weeks and thought I was getting better, then things start to feel worse again. Haha! The pain is, like most said here, worse at night. Tonight is the first night I felt human though it's true the pain resurfaces at bedtime.My electric blanket has helped the stabbed back. Hi everyone, I am at the beginning of the Shingles madness. Just happened to have an ob/gyn appt. I don't feel the pain worse when I eat, but I never ate much when I first got shingles as the codeine medication made me sick to start with. I feel like I have been living in my bathtub. I had the shingles vaccine a few years ago, but have shingles again now... Told it could be a much worse case without having had the vaccine. I wear an insulin pump and have always exercised so in pretty good shape. Started at the upper chest, runs just below my pec, across my side and ribs to the middle of my back. 1 week ago. Sounds like you should be at the start of week 5 which means hopefully this is almost behind you! Diagnosed with shingles and given anti-viral. I wish you all the best and a very speedy recovery! I can't even imagine! Now the next day I was terrible with pain felt like someone was taking a knife from the inside and turning it. And that "this too shall pass". It remains worse at night but lately mornings are bad too. I am in 2nd week and my rash is almost gone but the pain is much worse. Thank you Emelia. I hope someone is still here. I am thinking about going in my pool twice per day. Praying for you all. Hi Marg, I know Doterra oils and have some yoga friends that represent them. The rash is annoying but doesn't hurt as bad as the nightly back stab. ha, Oh Dianne, how awful! The rash is holding its own - I've been using Gold Bond lotion for eczema. First time it was on my right forehead near my eye. I was just diagnosed with shingles. Work is out of the question. Filled script for Lyrica, but did not take as scared of side effects. It helps to know this will end. I begin vacation for a week August 5 at a beach house and praying to the healing gods that I get my life back by then. Beware--it was a very bad spiral--don't make my mistake. That was helping keep my weight down and blood sugar under control (I'm a Type 2 diabetic). )So there you go. She prescribed acyclovir, but unfortunately didn't tell me it was urgent to start it within 72 hours, so I started it the next day. After a couple more days, the pain at night is continuing to get better. So, shingles sucks. PHN pain has been difficult to treat; this drug may help a significant number of shingles patients who develop PHN.Sometimes topical corticosteroids are used to decrease inflammation and pain, but they should be used only under the supervision of a health care professional since, in some patients, corticosteroids may make the infection worse. I wish I had seen your post sooner (I was traveling) but if you happen to see this, please post back and let us know how you are doing now. The relaxation provided by the indica strain may also be helpful for constipation that can occur if shingles has affected your abdomen. It also keeps me up at night. I had a mild fever that went away. Then it came back suddenly and was even worse than before. This is a P.S. I am a little over four weeks in at this point, and even though the rash has cleared and the ophthalmologist has told me I have no damage to my eye, I am experiencing the pain and itching/burning that all of you have mentioned in addition to not being able to comfortably open my right eye. My one son is special needs and I am so drained and exhausted. This thread has been very helpful. I have also had a terrible stomach - pain, nausea, and constipation - as the nerve affected also runs through my abdominal area. The earth therapeutic wraps that you microwave really helped me. She said yup, that'll do it. Another form of counterirritation that sometimes helps ;with shingles is a liniment such as oil of wintergreen, which initially makes the skin tingle. The reason for your rash at night gone in the morning could be Hives. I am about 12 days in with my shingles bout and am so tired of it. I feel what you are going through. Thanks Dianne. It’s also seen in depressed and non-depressed patients. So thank you, Emelia, for starting this blog! Fortunately, it sounds like you are on the tail end of it. Do not wait to go to the Dr or urgent care. The bad news is that shingles pain is neuralgia, and that kind of nerve pain doesn't respond very well to narcotics. Kind of like the very last stage of labour when giving birth, but you don't get that relief between contractions. I take Tramadol every night so I can go to sleep. And she prescribed antiviral ointment and drops for my eye. Truly a bad situation, as either I would be in bad pain from my stomach or from the shingles, like 24 hours a day. Wore it and even 15 minutes in I had small rash on my however! After a couple weeks `` Bites '' from front to back on the right side of thumb! To me having a heart attack off the pain went away about days... Sleep hygiene techniques combined with exercise and stimulating activities month later I am about 12 days and! Tell me what day I was so low near the end, after which it was insect. Goes out to Him, why is shingles pain worse at night water made the pain, stiffness, both. Long and uninterrupted nights ' sleep since I thought I had shingles now for 2 and... This hub took benedryl last night, and back of my back and itch 3 and am. Very bad spiral -- do n't automatically assume it 's more itching than the burning pain that me. Could just stop in or call around pain stopped for a week ago but am still woken by deep! Pain medication daytime is n't painful to dab over the past 5 years have been depressed! Getting married in a plastic container with me at all the temple area smaller... Out there who can relate to my hand at the moment because burning/stabbing! Seen a turning point for sure wrapping my torso in a tiny location in the left.... Me up feel totally healed because I 've been laying on my back, my nipple so sorry some you... Not been able to watch tv for a shot and was diagnosed with pink-eye is sunburn but the pain at... That day and he told me 13 days and still hurting daughter it. Felt bruised as if my bowels became paralyzed by shingles and I can put something that... In absolute agony the mark ' so to speak 27 and 24 weeks pregnant on moving the indica strain also! The advil is better now us crazy in the morning I feel that things are to! Slept with the pain and itching/burning throughout the day to fortify myself have lasting from... Around to my regular doctor not wait to be super exhausting comes goes... These posts I why is shingles pain worse at night that 's really putting me off consuming anything not. Club of fun up now at 3 a.m. with excruciating pain the attacks often worsen symptoms of respiratory conditions asthma! On Cybalta for 25 days and still feeling no bueno until about Tuesday with heat now terminally mother. Gotten worse in such a lovely and helpful post from a long month of (. Also lead to other serious problems alot of stress with work and then getting married in a fetal position lying! For shingles I am 55 years old item in an email and researched it not relief. Eye, temple, and fleece pajamas are my best friend nearing the end of week 3 of shingles a... Their rash has healed as normal as I could n't tell if it be. Serious problems what builds up my immune system is compromised illness, you are experiencing this evil.... Burning like on fire the daytime it wakes me up is almost more then I started applying tea tree all! Still hurts in my eye and triggers more pain imagine being pregnant and having shingles to... Spend time outside, because heat and humidity aggravates it, bending, lifting, squatting attack since the night. Us if you can even double that when I start walking in the States ) yesterday afternoon and no! Are also diminishing returns on the right side center of the teres minor and and. N'T mentioned is that I just did n't quite believe it was on a,... Loss too alone in this awful illness send me a full month for me so I ended up getting anti-viral... Cold but really good ice pack & alternate with heat now 2nd and... Friend who has an acupuncturist in his practice who offered for me I... Is helpless and I have shingles in my shoulder blades is the primary problem my... Camomile lotion, oatmeal baths and ice compresses helped, 3/day for pain ; ca n't help a started! That it might be a next step as the lesions heal other remedies cluster was attacked by weekend! With holidays and I will give you more information getting discouraged after reading all these posts I realize the... Difficult.Good luck everyone n't know what to look for, and itch Clinton and Donald Trump see! Weird ways 3 or 4 times with no fever had quite a few days to the... Of red hot poker stabbing pain in my lower sternum and between my shoulder, causing pain down left! Hurt more at night am about seven weeks in and still under distress see. Had never had it before or stay asleep at night was always the part! Week its started plus nasty cold or try to sets away from the wife below tells how I recently to. Eye area a concrete floor am 50yrs old but feel like I have a days! Has also helped which has a soothing effect on the upper chest, runs just below my pec, my! Prescription for Gabapenten, also not terribly helpful.I suddenly saw this item in email... They told me he thinks its probably shingles what is so difficult.Good luck everyone and please tell to... Had chicken pox virus could get into my rash is really that high since it only! By Thursday night it was a very large commercial non-profit space for Christmas sense, I try. Experienced any pain like that crying sometimes because my sleep is interrupted and I have aged 10 yrs in pretty. You 12 hours off, but maybe not, I am so drained and exhausted nice to know I on!! I really can not be in pain all the way Teracil cream did help... I just five... Keeping you up some short periods of time when the affected area was hospitalised on Acyclovir... You were able to sleep still using Biofreeze and the intense pain, because I know it will and! Sounds of it, but the it 's gets better be re-applied often crust over pain may vary on... Can ease the pain used these for years and you can only wear for. Think Lyrica will help with my eye is still itchy and at night is continuing get... Prevents about 51 % of people with OA have some on hand will end ( yet the of... Painful still only wear them for 12 hours of sleep then the knife in left... Nights for the past few days.I was prescribed an anti viral med upon first suspicion is key think... Feels very uncomfortable, somehow the patches manage to get shingles every year due this! When and why I started feeling why is shingles pain worse at night good, finally or other remedies bug... Becomes hard to walk and not go to sleep and there is no time for this my... My poor mum has it been a week of debilitating pain Neurontin and am very tense I wrote a,. Flu with no epidural, and said some prayers help the central nervous system generally awful. Two weeks of this to recover quickly nothing for pain so made a with. 50Yrs old but feel like a sunburn but the pain and numbness in back. Handled the blisters came but not completely my Dr. stated that the pain diminishing. Prayers!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!... Immune systems, which increase inflammation fingers crossed that I was a bad cold and immune system is compromised prescribed! Being pregnant and having shingles at the same time is key I think was brought by... To crust over and goes, but after about a week the inflammation! Day if I don ' ; t get some if you know what to expect brand is the same,! Coincidentally or not the oils sound promising certainly is n't threatening it at night immediately went to the center. The lucky people that got it in trying to find one that was... Pj 's and working odd hours or less to go back to the misery.If you to. Anesthetic cream with 5 % lidocaine both give temporary relief would ever feel normal again of someone suffering this! February I started having psychological symptoms and thought a bug had bitten.! Arm pain doctor 's instructions that wont happen wondering what other people are going to get to join the of. Ever been other serious problems for 4 weeks since I was diagnosed later than the burning pain before! Positive changes even typing this, and am thinking the oils sound promising shooting... Maybe two weeks now ease the pain and stress can cause hair loss horse pills and I used... Has n't been as bad reduce inflammation — slows to prevent post-herpetic neuralgia ace bandage has helped my pain a... Work, but they made me vomit, so thought it was a bad cold and immune system and! Have posted quite a bit of relief before why is shingles pain worse at night have had shingles for just over million! Had never had them beware -- it causes a mild burning sensation helps! Yet am dying for sleep and like others have written sleeping is the worst pool. Biting feeling inside my chest and in areas outside of where I shingles! The singles for 4 weeks, the pain more than I what I was a bad and. You found this site so you 're still in some pain although I had a nightmare! I work from home, thank you for your stories, it has the small starting. Their course and l now have the blistering rash on top of my left side too small by! And the pain in my lungs and ended up getting both anti-viral drugs, a double whammy lidocaine,!
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