Our knitting needles are artisanally made from 100% Beechwood, available in different sizes. Stitch Holder We carry Addi Premium Knitting Needles and Hooks, better known as Addi Turbo in the USA. Free shipping for all orders - Until december 11th, Order your Christmas gifts now and make sure you have them on time. Whether it’s a sweater, a casual cardigan, a chic and trendy coat, a warm and woolly scarf, a handmade gift for a loved one or a comfy baby blanket, the Yarn Barn offers you premium quality yarns, needles and crochet hooks. Double pointed needles (DPNs) Typically short (10-20cm), DPNs are most commonly used for knitting small items in the round, such as socks, hats and gloves. Singapore Tourism Singapore Hotels Singapore Bed and Breakfast Singapore Vacation Packages Flights to Singapore Singapore Restaurants Things to Do in Singapore Singapore Travel Forum Needlework supplies and lessons in Singapore. Get straight to the point with these needles. 10.00mm 3 pcs of knitting needles, used condition. Our 15mm beechwood chunky needles are perfect for beginners! 8.00mm Browse results for knitting needle in our Craft Supplies & Tools on Carousell Philippines. Knitting Needles. Bamboo Lavitt's Quay Opening Times Monday to Saturday: 11am - 5.30pm 21 Lavitt's Quay, Cork, Ireland +353 21 4279535 × We also have needle sets and interchangeable knitting needles. Balance crochet threads and needles. Answer 1 of 7: I am an avid knitter, not a good flier, and want to knit to keep myself calm and pass the time in a useful way. Knitting Needles Show Filters weight + Fiber + Color + Type + Filter by. That way, there is no loss, either in dropped stitches or in the price of needles. Knitting Needles . Lana Grossa race ahead of trending fashion to bring you fibers, blends and textures that will knit and crochet into every season’s latest look! Hit enter for more results. The wood used to make them has FSC (forest stewardship) certification. 5.50mm Am I able to take wooden knitting needles on … 99. Call us on weekdays at 1-888-656-1113 or by email at info@signatureneedlearts.com between 8am-4pm CST. We have knitting needles and crochet hooks for every kind of project - creating socks for a new arrival to making a warm winter throw. Knitting Needles : Free Shipping on Everything* at Overstock - Your Online Knit & Crochet Store! If you’re following a pattern, check to see which type of needle is required and find the perfect knitting needle for your project - and don't forget our knitting needle sets have you covered if more than one size is required. Shop All Single Point Needles. 6.50mm Our 15mm beechwood chunky needles are perfect for beginners! 15.00mm, Aluminum Whether it’s a sweater, a casual cardigan, a chic and trendy coat, a warm and woolly scarf, a handmade gift for a loved one or a comfy baby blanket, the Yarn Barn offers you premium quality yarns, needles and crochet hooks. Brand new and used for sale. View Results. Circular knitting needles with long length cords inbetween the needles are also good for knitting large blankets and afghans because the stitches can stay on the cord in between the needles. eBay offers a wide selection of extra-long knitting needles and much more to help you complete your next scarf, sweater, hat, or decorative project. We endeavour to provide needles for all kinds especially the best suited needles for basic pattern requirements. {"event":"productClick","ecommerce":{"click":{"actionField":{"list":"Category"},"products":[{"name":"Beechwood Knitting Needles Size 8","id":"WAK-NEE-1005-0","sku":"WAK-NEE-1005-0","entity_id":"10032","price":"17.00","brand":"We Are Knitters","category":"Knitting needles","subcategory":"Needles & Hooks","variant":"","color":"","material":false,"stock":"1","list":"Category","position":1,"cost":"","margin":""}]}}}, {"event":"productClick","ecommerce":{"click":{"actionField":{"list":"Category"},"products":[{"name":"Beechwood Knitting Needles Size 19 Aquamarine","id":"WAK-NEE-1015-AQU","sku":"WAK-NEE-1015-AQU","entity_id":"12536","price":"23.00","brand":"We Are Knitters","category":"Knitting needles","subcategory":"Needles & Hooks","variant":"","color":"","material":false,"stock":"1","list":"Category","position":2,"cost":"","margin":""}]}}}, {"event":"productClick","ecommerce":{"click":{"actionField":{"list":"Category"},"products":[{"name":"Beechwood Knitting Needles Size 19 Salmon","id":"WAK-NEE-1015-PIN","sku":"WAK-NEE-1015-PIN","entity_id":"13400","price":"23.00","brand":"We Are Knitters","category":"Knitting needles","subcategory":"Needles & Hooks","variant":"","color":"","material":false,"stock":"1","list":"Category","position":3,"cost":"","margin":""}]}}}, {"event":"productClick","ecommerce":{"click":{"actionField":{"list":"Category"},"products":[{"name":"Beechwood Knitting Needles Size 19 Mauve","id":"WAK-NEE-1015-MAU","sku":"WAK-NEE-1015-MAU","entity_id":"13401","price":"23.00","brand":"We Are Knitters","category":"Knitting needles","subcategory":"Needles & Hooks","variant":"","color":"","material":false,"stock":"1","list":"Category","position":4,"cost":"","margin":""}]}}}, {"event":"productClick","ecommerce":{"click":{"actionField":{"list":"Category"},"products":[{"name":"Circular Bamboo Knitting Needles Size 6","id":"WAK-NEE-CIR04-0","sku":"WAK-NEE-CIR04-0","entity_id":"14537","price":"17.00","brand":"We Are Knitters","category":"Knitting needles","subcategory":"","variant":"","color":"","material":false,"stock":"1","list":"Category","position":5,"cost":"","margin":""}]}}}, {"event":"productClick","ecommerce":{"click":{"actionField":{"list":"Category"},"products":[{"name":"Beechwood Knitting Needles Size 11","id":"WAK-NEE-1008-0","sku":"WAK-NEE-1008-0","entity_id":"10031","price":"19.00","brand":"We Are Knitters","category":"Knitting needles","subcategory":"Needles & Hooks","variant":"","color":"","material":false,"stock":"1","list":"Category","position":6,"cost":"","margin":""}]}}}, {"event":"productClick","ecommerce":{"click":{"actionField":{"list":"Category"},"products":[{"name":"Beechwood Knitting Needles Size 19","id":"WAK-NEE-1015-0","sku":"WAK-NEE-1015-0","entity_id":"10030","price":"19.00","brand":"We Are Knitters","category":"Knitting needles","subcategory":"Needles & Hooks","variant":"","color":"","material":false,"stock":"1","list":"Category","position":7,"cost":"","margin":""}]}}}, {"event":"productClick","ecommerce":{"click":{"actionField":{"list":"Category"},"products":[{"name":"Circular Bamboo Knitting Needles Size 2.5","id":"WAK-NEE-CIR03-0","sku":"WAK-NEE-CIR03-0","entity_id":"13441","price":"17.00","brand":"We Are Knitters","category":"Knitting needles","subcategory":"Needles & Hooks","variant":"","color":"","material":false,"stock":"1","list":"Category","position":8,"cost":"","margin":""}]}}}, {"event":"productClick","ecommerce":{"click":{"actionField":{"list":"Category"},"products":[{"name":"Circular Beechwood Knitting Needles Size 8","id":"WAK-NEE-CIR05-0","sku":"WAK-NEE-CIR05-0","entity_id":"13074","price":"17.00","brand":"We Are Knitters","category":"Knitting needles","subcategory":"Needles & Hooks","variant":"","color":"","material":false,"stock":"1","list":"Category","position":9,"cost":"","margin":""}]}}}, {"event":"productClick","ecommerce":{"click":{"actionField":{"list":"Category"},"products":[{"name":"Circular Beechwood Knitting Needles Size 11","id":"WAK-NEE-CIR08-0","sku":"WAK-NEE-CIR08-0","entity_id":"12435","price":"19.00","brand":"We Are Knitters","category":"Knitting needles","subcategory":"Needles & Hooks","variant":"","color":"","material":false,"stock":"1","list":"Category","position":10,"cost":"","margin":""}]}}}, {"event":"productClick","ecommerce":{"click":{"actionField":{"list":"Category"},"products":[{"name":"Circular Beechwood Knitting Needles Size 19","id":"WAK-NEE-CIR15-0","sku":"WAK-NEE-CIR15-0","entity_id":"12434","price":"21.00","brand":"We Are Knitters","category":"Knitting needles","subcategory":"Needles & Hooks","variant":"","color":"","material":false,"stock":"1","list":"Category","position":11,"cost":"","margin":""}]}}}, {"event":"productClick","ecommerce":{"click":{"actionField":{"list":"Category"},"products":[{"name":"Needles Case","id":"WAK-COM-0019-8","sku":"WAK-COM-0019-8","entity_id":"13462","price":"7.00","brand":"We Are Knitters","category":"Knitting needles","subcategory":"Needles & Hooks","variant":"","color":"","material":false,"stock":"1","list":"Category","position":12,"cost":"","margin":""}]}}}, {"event":"productClick","ecommerce":{"click":{"actionField":{"list":"Category"},"products":[{"name":"Tools Case","id":"WAK-COM-0021-0","sku":"WAK-COM-0021-0","entity_id":"13438","price":"39.00","brand":"We Are Knitters","category":"Knitting needles","subcategory":"Needles & Hooks","variant":"","color":"","material":false,"stock":"1","list":"Category","position":13,"cost":"","margin":""}]}}}, By clicking the button "subscribe" you acknowledge reading and accepting our, 2020 We Are Knitters SL © All Rights Reserved, check your email to immediately download your free pattern, Beechwood Knitting Needles Size 19 Aquamarine, Beechwood Knitting Needles Size 19 Salmon, Circular Bamboo Knitting Needles Size 2.5, Circular Beechwood Knitting Needles Size 8, Circular Beechwood Knitting Needles Size 11, Circular Beechwood Knitting Needles Size 19. Spotlight's knitting needles are used in hand-knitting as a tool for knitted fabrics and needle felting. 4.4 out of 5 stars 906. Choosing the Right Knitting Needles For Your Project. Type to search products, categories, blog posts or … 6901 46th st Kenosha, WI 53144 Office Hours 8:00-4:00pm (CST) Need help? Browse our wide selection of knitting needles and find the perfect needles for your next project. Please, select which cookies allow. Large, circular needles help you to make joined-up hats and jumpers, while smaller sizes and crochet hooks from 0.6mm and up are ideal for more delicate or complex projects. Stitch Maker Cable Needle All available with just a few a clicks and direct-to-door delivery. Products of this store will be shipped directly from the UK to your country. S$3. 5 out of 5 stars (714) 714 reviews $ 22.30. 9.00mm From shop RockeryCottage. The online place for knitting and crochetting, knitting needles, hooks, accessories, knitting needle cases, crochet hook cases and yarn. The best interchangeable needles consist of various diameters of knitting needles with different cables, all in a neat and tidy case. Knitting, Stitching, Crochet, Craft Lessons. Carbon fiber needles weigh more than bamboo and wood but less than metal needles. Am I able to take wooden knitting needles on board, along with my colouring pencils? Cable Connector. Shop the range of knitting needles and knitting needle sets, including bamboo, plastic, aluminium and wooden knitting needles. $23.99 $ 23. Get it as soon as Wed, Dec 9. All sold together. Order by Sunday 20th December to receive your order or gifts in time for Christmas. At Yarn Barn Singapore, we promise that your knitting and crochet experience is always in good hands! Knitting needles made from carbon fiber bring another dimension to the world of knitting. Double Pointed Needles NEWSLETTER SIGN UP Spotlight guaranteed home delivery Christmas cut-off is today, Wednesday 9th December. Am I able to take wooden knitting needles on … The wood used to make them has FSC (forest stewardship) certification. Products of this store will be shipped directly from the US to your country. 3 pcs of knitting threads, new condition. Find local Knitting groups in Singapore and meet people who share your interests. Get the latest updates and news! 7.00mm The smooth, flat sides of our Foursquare needles fit perfectly against your fingertips, and the gently rounded corners offer a comfortable, secure grip. Knitting is a fun pastime that anyone can learn to do at any age. Our online store is now open! The knitting needles and cables can be mixed and matched. Secure Shopping. 5.00mm Knitting Needles are a fundamental tool for classic knitting. Plastic, Wool Needle pair of knitting needles at your fingertips. Short needles (around 15cm) are often marketed as ‘for kids’ but are great for small projects on the go. 3.00mm Knitflix anyone? 12.00mm With so many knitting needles on the market, choosing the right ones for the project you plan to make is important. Ships International. To knit with an interchangeable knitting needle, you simply combine two needles and a cable by clicking or screwing these items together. Our knitting needles are artisanally made from 100% Beechwood, available in different sizes. Yarn, thread, needles and other craft Supplies. 3.50mm Spotlight's knitting needles are used in hand-knitting as a tool for knitted fabrics and needle felting. Products of this store wi We are a New Zealand Owned Family Business Free Phone: 0800 564 884 (this takes you to our Head Office or Mail Order not one of the shops) Head Office Phone: 64 4 586 4530 Please see Shop Addresses for our Shop Phone Numbers Look to the right under our information tab for them: Knitting needles, personalised knitting needles, custom knitting needles, bamboo knitting needles, knitting supplies, grandma gift, mum gift RockeryCottage. Circular Knitting Needles Accessories include connectors, end caps, pins and grippers (fully explained below). Wholesale enquires welcome. Single Pointed Needles, 2.00mm Welcome to the Yarn Barn Singapore! So if you’re ready to knit, you’ll need an amazing (and appropriate!) | Last day to order: december 14th, Get the scoop first and get $12 and a free pattern. Why you’ll love Foursquare knitting needles: 6.00mm Row Counter 4.50mm Left over after completing a carpet. Knitting Crochet threads and used needles. Tropicalknitter, Singapore. Needle tip points in a set may vary unless the manufacturer added a metal tip, such as brass or … Get 5% in rewards with Club O! Knitting needles are the most basic tool in knitting, used to create hand-knitted fabrics, garments and accessories. Forget hand fatigue - when you use square needles your hands will stay limber and allow for marathon knitting sessions. Brass Knitting is a fun pastime that anyone can learn to do at any age. Explore our knitting needle range at Spotlight now. Copyright YarnBarn.com.sg 2020, All Rights Reserved. We carry a wide variety of needles including single pointed, double pointed and circular knitting needles. Designed and Developed by Kode88 Website Design Ireland. Chat to buy! Discover our range of Knitting Needles to find the right knitting needle for your project, including the favourite brand Knit Pro.
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