Teachers participate in Hunger Strike to demand suspension of Purbi Saikia, Principal, BNC

Delhi University:

  • 03-08-2016

It has been rightly said that the power of the people is so much stronger than the power in the people and together they can change the world around them. It became quite evident when twenty three teachers from Bhagini Nivedita College decided to sit on a 12 hour Hunger Strike, under the leadership of Delhi University Teacher’s Association (DUTA) President, Nandita Narayan. The protest was joined by hundreds of teachers and karamcharis from other colleges as well, who were present there to showcase their solidarity with the students, teachers and staff of BNC. The day long protest from 9 am to 9 pm gained momentum as it was joined by Shri. Devendra Yadav, Pradhan and the entire Panchayat of 18 villages of Najafgarh. The DUCKU President, Secretary and Executive members as well as the AIFUCTO General Secretary Arun Kumar also came forward to support the protesting teachers.

The strike demanded the suspension of Principal Purbi Saikia. She has been accused with charges of financial irregularities and also for her indulgence in innumerable acts of misgovernance which has done severe sabotage to the academic environment of the college. The Governing Body had been convinced by the protesting teachers and students to suspend the Principal, Purabi Saikia and hence took the decision based on prima facie evidence of financial irregularities committed by her, there are also multiple FIRs against her on cases of cheating and fraud, of illegal appointments both in teaching and non-teaching posts, concealment of facts leading to non-transparent functioning, illegal suspension of colleagues by the Principal and violation of Acts, Statutes & Ordinances in relation to the teaching-learning process and administrative functioning. These are severe charges and also enough to file a 400 page long report recommending the suspension. While the report is still awaiting the approval of the Vice Chancellor for the last several months, the elected members had spoken in one voice during the Zero Hour against the Principal and demanded a suspension for her in the AC meeting on 19.07.2016.

 Therefore, the elected members and the protesting teachers exhorted the VC to honor his commitment to ensure his policy of zero tolerance for corruption, as he had responded to the issue promising an unbiased treatment for Principals, OSDs or any other administrative authorities. The protestors have faith in the governance and have requested the VC to ensure a fair enquiry and suspend the Principal so that the academic atmosphere of the University can return to being peaceful and uncorrupt at its earliest.

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