Teachers and students protest against Daulatram college governing body

Daulatram College,University of Delhi:

  • 08-08-2016

Around 300 students and teachers of Daulatram college protested in front of Vice-Chancellor office against the governing body and more specifically against autocratic behavior of Mrs. Sunita Sudarshan,chairperson of the governing body of Daulat Ram College.

The protest begin on 6th August (Saturday) when chairperson appointed the hostel warden without considering the university guidelines and frozen the funds that has to be given to the college for  maintenance and development.  Ruined infrastructure, building is falling apart, only single washroom for students, no water facilities and no promotion to teachers since many years are the core issues that has been undertaken.

Students are also protesting against the hiked fee as it is been increased by almost three times in just two years.The principal is not directly fighting for the increased fee but she asked a student delegation to report their demand for decreasing fee. Protest was  supported by Delhi University Teachers’ Association (DUTA) as well as Delhi University Students’ Union (DUSU).

While addressing the protestors Dr. Savita Roy,Principal of Daulatram College said “The fund has been frozen by the governing body due to which infrastructure is worst and I found the requirement of hiking the fee.”

However, some of the office bearers of students union misbehaved as they thought that this mob was anti national. DUTA and DRCTA strongly condemns the unruly behavior of these students and warns them to not to behave in an unruly manner in future with teachers of Delhi University.


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