Students burn effigy of School of open Learning’s director, demand his removal immediately!


  • 16-06-2016

Students deeply frustrated with School of open Learning(SOL)’s mismanagement, which led to the cancellation of their English exam yesterday, gathered at Arts Faculty to protest against SOL administration. The students led by KYS also burnt an effigy of SOL Director, C.S.Dubey who has been talking of ‘increased surveillance’ and ‘extra cautiousness’, but continues to represent the indifferent attitude of SOL administration towards the students. SOL had given another blow to the first year undergraduate students yesterday by cancelling their exam well after half an hour of its commencement time. The cancellation had aroused anger in students, who have been struggling against SOL’s apathy and malice since the start.

It should be known that a great many centres were as far as 40 kilometres from students’ residence requiring a commute of at least 3 hours, which led to an unnecessary wastage of students’ time, money and days of preparation. Needless to say, for the students it was an extremely harrowing experience to commute to their respective centres, only to find their examinations cancelled. The exam was cancelled citing reason of paper leak. It only speaks of SOL administration’s dubious intentions. Instead of curbing the menace of paper leaks and mass cheating by providing regular classes to students, SOL remains concerned only of somehow getting done with the exams. In this context,  Krantikari Yuva Sangathan (KYS) had protested against SOL’s apathetic attitude last Monday demanding strict measures to curb paper leaks, instead of penalizing students.

KYS condemns SOL Administration’s indifference and will take this matter to Central Education Minister in the coming days.

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