#Shocking: Know how this Muslim Student was asked to leave the Interview Just Because of his Religion

It seems like Anti Muslim Discrimination within the country has become common and on the rise with BJP landslide victory in General Election 2014. One such Incident took Place on Tuesday during at an Interview of MBL, NTPC off-role Placement.
According to Noman, who is a current Student of Jamia Millia Islamia, as soon as he went inside interview room after submitting his CV at front Desk, the Interviewer said that they can’t recruit you as you are not eligible for this job. Shocked by this, the candidate asked for the reason. ‘You belongs to a particular community’ and our company’s Policy doesn’t allow us to hire muslims’, the Interviewer replied.
Noman went for the interview along with a friend, Motassir Hasan. Sharing the unfortunate experience, Motassir wrote a facebook Post that went viral on Thursday.

Speaking to Aapka Times, Noman said the he along with his friend was invited for the interview through an email by JDVL Group Company who have their office at Noida Sector 16.
Other candidate who went for the interview, Motassir told Aapka Times that he choose not to go for interview after the incident, and return back along with Noman.
However, the Placement Firm, JBVL Group of Company has denied the allegations and said that no such Incident have come to the light yet. ‘We don’t give importance to any religion, said Shubhra – the HR of the placement firm.

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