RJ Simran—the girl who made radio station her oxygen

RJ Simran is a household name. She has been entertaining the radio listeners of Delhi with her magical voice since many years. One of our executives, Ankita Yadav, interviewed her recently. Here are the excerpts:

Ankita– What inspired you to take Radio Jockeying as a profession? 21 years back it was not too popular to take up as a profession.
Simran– I started with Radio in 1995. When I finished my college, it was the time when privatization of the Radio took place. I noticed that the new field of Radio was emerging. And I enjoyed audio more than video. It’s easier to convey your thoughts on Radio without putting in much efforts or money. It was a more private and personal thing to do.

Ankita– What sacrifices and risks did you have to take to transform from a simple girl, Simran to the voice of Delhi?
Simran– One of the biggest sacrifices I made was to not spend much time with my friends. I came to Delhi from a small town. When my friends were partying and enjoying, I was busy with the affairs of radio. Even after coming to Delhi after 5 years, I was not aware of how to go to CP. But the biggest sacrifice has been the time with my family, as even when I was not in studio, I would be thinking about the Radio.

Ankita– If we have to describe Simran in just a word, what should that word be?
Simran– Salt, since you can’t complete any taste without salt.

Ankita– How does it feel to be Simran , the girl who has made her voice her identity?
Simran– It feels amazing. I was rejected in my first audition. They said I have a very heavy voice. It was like we went to AIR just to have fun. We were around 11-12 people so we gave audition. I was shortlisted as an experimental candidate. I was in standby.The lady who was the head of AIR that time didn’t really like me, but the other head showed a lot of trust on me. All the things got interlinked and now finally I am what I am.

Ankita– Do you sometimes feel that your voice has over powered the real you, that people love your voice but when you go out in public those people can rarely recognize you?
Simran– It does hurt. Suppose someone has called you as a chief guest, but they enter the venue busy with their affairs, and they don’t recognize you until and unless you go to them and tell them. But then there are times when you just want to enjoy yourself rather than enjoying being the centre of attraction. Sometimes you just want to enjoy your personal life. And I think that is more important. People can’t invade your private life. I think its a advantage. And moreover when I want people to recognize me, I just talk loudly and laugh; and then generally people recognize me.

Ankita– Which all NGOs are you associated with?
Simran– I have my own NGO—Speak for Change. I work exclusively for UNICEF too. I work as the official Radio trainer and partner for them. I make jingles for them across the world.

Ankita– Are you a serious person in real life?
Simran– Yes, I am a very serious and boring person. I talk only when it is necessary. I let everybody else talk. I talk with a purpose.

Ankita– It is said that you can’t write a book without a motto. What is the motto and inspiration of your book “Understanding Radio”?
Simran– There are no good books about radio. There are many youngsters who want to make their career in radio, my book is for them. It will give technical knowledge which is not easily available. I just wanted to help the young people.

Ankita– What all qualities do you think that a person must have to be a good radio jockey?
Simran– I think curiosity is a must. For example, I recently heard that Hema Malini’s car hit an auto and a young girl died on the way. The news got viral that Hema met an accident, none was concerned about that small girl. Being a Radio Jockey I would be more curious about that young girl.

Ankita– One thing your fans don’t know about you?
Simran– That I am a very adventurous girl. Although I rarely get time for it.

Ankita– What message would you like to give to youth who want to take up Radio as their profession?
Simran– I would suggest that youth today should not get overconfident. They should work on learning first than thinking about investing.

[author image=”http://www.aapkatimes.com/wp-content/uploads/2015/07/Ankita-Yadav.jpg” ] I am Ankita Yadav, Pursuing English hons from Delhi University.A girl who love reading, writing and NGOs too much. Modern by heart ,traditional by thinking. A total Indian chori[/author]

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