Resignation Row continues within NSUI. After Angellica and Leni, Prominent Face of NSUI Haseeba Amin resigns now !

Resignation Row continues within congress backed NSUI. After Angellica and Leni, Prominent Face of Youth Congress and NSUI Haseeba Amin resigns now!
Following the footprints of other two National committee Members, Amin Went on to Facebook to announce her disassociation from the organisation.

This is what she wrote on Facebook “I have been in NSUI since 2010, when I first filled the membership form introduced to me by a classmate back in college. I went on to contest state president elections on 15th January, 2012. It’s been years and I often fail to acknowledge (also being such close friends tend to take for granted) – my entry into the system would’ve never been possible without David Emeliano Aguiar, Francisco Miranda, Vilfredo Pereira de Andrade, & Milroy Antao. These people have been inspirational. Encouraged me and pushed me even when I had given up. We have fought elections together, made sacrifices for each other, made memories with each other. I would’ve never been where I got to without any of you. Specially David & Milroy. Thanks to them I went on to became the first woman NSUI state president of Goa and only minority woman State President in India.

Since that day, over 5 years ago, NSUI has been defining my life. Some of the best friends I made, the fondest memories I have, the experiences, exposure, work, growth, laughter, tears – everything has been linked to NSUI. In 2014, when I became National Secretary & moved to Delhi – NSUI became my second family. I lived with my lovely colleagues – Leni Jadhav,Surbhi Dwivedi & Angellica Aribam – who as of today are among the best friends I’ve ever had. The entire committee has been there by my side, through the best & worst, whether private or professional. I remember how the whole Congress family stood by me, without asking any questions when the opposition tried to defame when I featured in the Lok sabha Ad campaign.

But like every other stage of life, time comes when you have to move on and let go. It’s that time for me. I have tendered in my resignation about a month ago. I believe it’s time to move on and make space for new energy – with fresh ideas and creativity, to take the organization even higher.

I am highly thankful to AICC Vice President, Shri Rahul Gandhi for opening up the system and introducing organizational elections in NSUI, without which I, coming from a middle class non-political family, would never be able to become a part of this esteemed organization.

I’ve had the amazing opportunity of working with Rohit Chaudhary ji, Roji M John sir & Amrita Dhawan di during my tenure, who have been great guides and teachers to me. Girish Chodankar sir has kept the determination & passion inside us going and never let it die. He has always shown us the right path – appreciated when right, corrected us when wrong.

As I move on, I wish all the best to Fairoz Khan & his entire committee. I leave this organization much enriched than I was. I’ve grown, in 5 years, what would take 20 years for me to grow otherwise. Thanks to each and everyone that’s been a part of this journey. I will always be at service of the party.

“Rahul Gandhi ke yuva soch se judi ek yuva Congress Karyakarta” – Thii aur hamesha Rahungi 🙂 “

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