Opinion: Is really Students’ Union worth for DU students?

Students’Union in any university is known to be the representational body of students and aims to work for students welfare and solve their problems.

But the question arises that “Student union leaders working for students welfare or working for themselves to become a mainstream politician (not a leader)?

If we come to the Delhi University it can be seen that union leader expense in Lakhs to impress the party to get tickets and then to woo the students for the votes. This is similar to the mainstream politics where politicians work on the principle “Paise se Satta aur Satte se paisa” (Money is power and power is money). Not only money but the culture of DU election is the same as the mainstream politics or even worse than the mainstream politics despite having Lyngdoh Committee guidelines for ideal students’ union.

Students’ leader should believe in debate and discussion and implement it first instead of doing Posterbaji and Hulladbaji.

Image Source: The Wire

Many times it was seen that candidates from different parties have been using digitally mixed and edited photographs of actress or models on posters just to attract the voters.

There is a statement which is very common in DU is “DUSU election bina ek thappad khaye lad lena apne aap me bahut badi baat hai” (Nothing can be better than contesting the DUSU without getting beaten by the opponents’ party cadres).

Yes, DUSU is the election where expensive Mercedes,BMW and Jaguar cars can be seen with posters on it with candidates.

No doubt DU has been produced some good mainstream leaders for the country but the point is what they actually have done for the students? Despite being the Students’ union for a long time, they have failed even to put pressure on DU administration to build hostels for all students which is a primary need of any student.

Are students the just fools who are being used as a tool to make the road to mainstream politics.

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