My Story: A policeman who has proved duty comes before everything

The man in this photo is Rakesh Kumar. Posted in sonipat, Haryana. A policeman who has proved duty comes before everything. On 2nd August around 4:30 PM, when clouds gave a heavy downpour , this man was on his duty ,performing his Job without wearing his shoes, When photographer asked him, as why he is without his job? he replied, (सर कल भी ड्यूटी पर आना जूते गीले हो गए तो कल क्या पहनूंगा, मेरे पास एक ही बूट है) ‘Sir ,tomorrow also I have to perform my duty and i have one boot only’… People will say it’s his JOB but the dedication shown by Rakesh Kumar is stupendous. We always say Police is corrupt and they don’t do their job properly , they treat people harshly but we fail to praise Policeman like Rakesh Kumar , who are working in such a bad weather without shoes without raincoat without an umbrella so that we can drive smoothly on our Roads. Big Salute to  Rakesh Kumar Kindly share Mr. Rakesh’s story so that every common man should know what he is doing for the people of our country.


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