Meet This Fashion Diva From Delhi University Surpassing The Fan Following of Many B-Town Celebrities

Unexpected roads and trails take you to the most beautiful places as Divyun Nanda recall her journey on one fine Monsoon evening with the Asna Azhar of Aapka Times. As raindrops embrace the Earth Divyun smiles too. Being a philosophy student she turned into one of the most popular fashion blogger and model within the span of a year her fan following on Instagram has surpassed the followers of many leading actors and actresses.

Divyun Nanda, 21 is soon to be graduate from Delhi University (DU). She has done her Philosophy honours from Lakshmibai College, a constituent college of Delhi University. She embarked upon her blogging career a year ago, Worldas she narrates it was unexpected and after a year when we see her work, the earth is smiling for monsoon has hit Delhi finally. 

Being born and brought up in Delhi, Divyun has done her schooling and graduation. She has worked for leading brands like PC jewelers, faballey, Reliance footprints. Her recent shoot was Darzi bar and kitchen, located in CP,  Delhi. As Divyun sips her tea she unveils the story of her life. Read her exclusive interview excerpt.

When and how you started blogging?
It has been one year since I got into blogging. I never thought of going into blogging and reviewing. It happened by chance. Though, it wasn’t an easy task. Lots of hard work! From managing college and n shoots together. It was muli tasking thing. Struggling between my college, shoots and evening classes.
Which was your first shoot?  How did you get the first assignment ?
My debut was with PCJ ! I did blogging for their latest collection. Flexia. Growing up was full of complexities as I’m not even 5ft. So I never thought that blogging and kind of social media exposure will be my cup of tea.
How does your family  take your work? In terms of support and appreciation
Yes, they appreciate me, encourage me and are pillars of my strength. My brother is my photographer too. My parents are more involved and interested in my blogging! Always motivates me. My mom always giving me innovative ideas for shoots. And how to make shoots more better!
What  are your future goals?
Though I am very serious about my blogging career. My inclination is towards being a clinical psychologist. That will be journey in people’s miThe Worlds different from each person’s prospective. And psychology is study of mind n behaviour, so I want to pursue this study and gain an insight into other people’s mind Blogging happened by chance, psychology was my first love. I chose philosophy because I believe it is the way of life. Its is not a subject of study but “It is life”.
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