This JNU Student sets an example by How he married

Since Independence, it has been observed that India is uprooting many factors that contribute to the demolition of development as a whole. Some of them lie in the small groups of the society and hold a major role in the development as well as growth. Dowry is one of those. It can also be said that it is one of the factors for female feticide. People in such places tend to fix a deal with a certain amount in the name of dowry. Being in a patriarchal society, men decide the dowry to be asked from the bride’s family, and the groom is not allowed to interfere. People not being educated leads to such consequences which sometimes also lead to suicide attempts.

jnu-student-marriageRecently, JNU has been in the lime light of the media, but as we know it has not been good. But, this time it came a strong message. A student from JNU, Imteyaz, abolishing such stereotypes, got married without any consent from his family for dowry. Though, this may seem a small step as a whole, but it is important to take this step towards removing stereotypes, and voicing a message towards dowry and being from a small town, or village, he has been a motivation to others. In spite of, the emotional blackmail from the parents which is quite obvious in such cases, and under parental pressure, he did not change his decision.


In this case, it was also seen that the marriage had some banners which read

“Every year, 5 lakhs girls are killed in the womb of the mother because of dowry”

Another banner read “Islam does not talk about the feast from the bride’s side.” There were many more banners which promoted the same idea. The youth has been in his support and is congratulating them. Moreover, such marriages are being promoted and motivated by the society which is definitely a good sign. There should be more involvement from the society itself to such cases. We should be inspired and abolish such practices of dowry and female feticide.
15178251_1190423144371867_2859764786375347294_nWith the repeated cases, we do not see any changes. But, this is the one incident that made us think towards it and work upon it. Providing adequate education is also very important so that people (especially girls) could understand the consequences of dowry and must raise their voice against it and should even question the authorities, and her parents too, who are always ready and are in favor of this in the name of ritual. We may not understand the importance, but it would be seen later because the effects would help in growing as a whole, both individually and socially. We must try to stop these incidents around us, if we all decide to take a step towards it.



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