JNU is indeed my Valentine says JNU Student

The ongoing fight in JNU against the implementation of UGC gazette (2005) has been intensified over last one week or so. What began as a call for indefinite hunger strike by the students belonging to different political parties culminated into the JNUTA march to parliament, which was joined by students across the campuses, JNUites and people from different walks of the life who associate themselves with idea of social justice to extend their deep solidarity in our fight for restoring social justice. Most of the people marched to save and express their love for JNU as an institution with resolve to reject the dictating Raj of the VC.JNUTA in this regard has expressed their full solidarity with students and demands to reconvene the AC meeting as soon as possible so that the issue can be discussed openly in a more democratic manner.
While most of the other organization seems to have call off their indefinite hunger strike, JNUSU is still continuing. Comrade Raju today would enter his 16 th day of the strike but still refuses to discontinue and his views suggest that his resolve to seek answers to VC or to explain his position on the current admission scenario looks largely unchanged since the first day.
While students are showing their support through massive participation on the strikes and other acts of protests, trying to fight unitedly, students from Committee of suspended students have posed some serious questions to JNUSU so as when their sit in actually began, whether they are doing outside or inside in Ad Block, they also want to know the position of JNUSU on their sit in, whether they extend their solidarity to their struggle.
However despite all this JNUVC seems to have fled from the whole scene, taking to twitter to express his views on the ongoing movement. While he calls our activities and us as students being “unruly”, everyone is still requesting him to address students and clarify his position. Despite all the hurdles and bureaucratic complexities, the movement continues to gain its momentum ad thousands march in solidarity to save their Valentine, JNU.

(By: Ujawal, a JNU Student)

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