Jamia Millia Islamia Stands United Against Mob Lynchings

In an attempt to voice the collective condemnation against the sudden upsurge in the incidents of mob lynchings, taking place in the name of “cow vigilantism”, across the nation and the atrocities perpetrated against the Dalit and Muslim minorities, Jamia Teachers’ Association together with the Jamia School Teachers’ Association, Jamia Administrative Staff Association and the Shafiqur Rehman Kidwai Association organized a black band protest on the campus on 17th July, the first working day of the university following the summer break. Members of the protest were seen sporting black bands on their arms in order to register their dissent against the inefficiency and failure of the concerned authorities to take action against the perpetrators, the “self-proclaimed gau rakshaks”. The protest was also joined by the students who felt it their sense of duty to denounce these crimes.

Mr. S M Mehmood, Secretary, Jamia Teachers’ Association, articulated the urgency of the protest to Aapka Times by explaining the fear in the minds of the students regarding travel through various modes of transport to reach the university premises. He further added that he, ‘..was alarmed to see the extent of such a fear when students started updating thankful statuses on social media after having reached the university.’

The Associations strongly urge the concerned authorities to take the required measures to put an end to such heinous crimes and instill a sense of security and confidence in the minds of the Dalit and Muslim minorities. A memorandum signed by the Associations’ Heads has also been released and sent to the concerned authorities. Additionally, any further course of action will be decided and implemented after the authorities’ response.

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