Jamia alumni across United States Join hands to support 80-year-old poet Asrar Jamayee

Jamia Alumni of Chicago Chapter has provided Rs 70000 to 80-year-old poet Asrar Jamayee who was declared dead in 2013 by the South Delhi’s social welfare department as a consequence of this  fake claim the poet was deprived of his monthly pension of Rs 1,500. He has been facing a financial crisis since then. The Alumni across United States have contributed for this cause.

Asrar Jmyee has published four books of poetry and booklets. He has devoted his life to Urdu and Jamia. He is the person who can be seen in Jamia Campus distributing quotes and Urdu couplets of Jamia founders and History of Jamia.

“Jamia Alumni Chicago Chapter will try it’s best to support Jamiaites in need. We are thankful to every Alumni who have contributed to this cause.” Said official statement of Jamia Alumni Chicago Chapter.

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