Jadavpur University student grabs crore-plus package

Jadavpur University ,Kolkata:

Asif Ahmad, student of Jadavpur University has bagged a record placement of 1.1 crore per annum for an opening in Singapore by the Google. Asif is a graduate from computer science and engineering department of Jadavpur University .

As reported in a English daily, Suranjan Das,vice-chancellor of JU called it a “great moment” for the varsity . “The placements are in line with the recognition JU has earned at national and international levels. JU ranks as one of the top universities in Asia and is in the top 100 BRICS ranking. It’s also the second best state-aided university recognized by the Department of Science and Technology in 2015-2016,” said Partha Pratim Biswas, senior professor of JU’s construction engineering department. Asif Ahmad, who had ranked 263 in WBJEE, is thrilled. “The offer is from Google! Though I am not at liberty to discuss the details, the salary break-up includes stock, bonus and basic salary apart from house rent, communication and the like,” he said.

The figure 1.1 crores startles, surprises and would also incite other adjectives ofcourse for the people wailing across placements and yes the jadavpur community greatly feels pride for such an unbelievable achievement for a jadavpurian from one of us. Faculty of engineering is rejoicing and even others, fellow rankers are hoping to bag the same, statuses are flooding the walls of Asif Ahmed and who doesn’t use this opportunity to claim intellectual potential of Jadavpur against all the nationalist/anti-nationalist fiasco? “Jadavpur is anti-national and its anti nationals grabs 1.1crores”, ” Jadavpur is proud to have Asif Ahmed” and many more. But where is Asif now? He must be sitting at a sofa couch getting his tickets to singapore confirmed and having his dinner while thrashing jadavpur. Now this is something odd. According to his own words answering Google interviewers on question of ” What do you think is the difference between JU & the major IITs which are considered to be the best of their kind in the country and from where stories similar to yours are heard almost every year?” he had this to provide – ” I know people from both IITs and JU. I can tell you straight away that JU is nowhere close to the IITs when it comes to the students. JU sure has its fair share of bright students but unlike IITians most of the students here like to waste their time by protesting over petty or fake issues. Campus politics is a cancer to this place which hinders the growth of JU.”

Jadavpur is rejoiced and yet Jadavpur is thrashed, some are thanking Asif for contributing great ranks and legacy of knowledge to this institution as well as the country while those who quoted anti nationalists are bringing pride are betrayed for they thought the movement for upholding campus democracy becomes more strong by these feathers to institutions. Rest is adieu. JU ranks the greatest position in lists of ranks, but what JU really comprises is its Education, Progress and Democracy.

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