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How this Dramatics Society ignited minds all around the Delhi University for 6 years

Every year several colleges of Delhi University celeberate theater with their spectacular performances. Drama in Delhi University has been a biggest attraction for the students willing to explore and test their talent.
With such a zeal and dream to succeed, the teachers and students of Khalsa College introduced Nepathya (previously named Toli) – The Dramatics Society of S.G.N.D Khalsa College in 2011.Probably, the first step towards an unexpected success has to be taken alone. Ved Dutt Arya, a 19 year old student pursuing English Hons. became the student founder of the team. Along with some other students and teachers, he started this society with little facilities but abundance of dreams. The principal, Dr. Man Mohan Kaur feels proud to make Drama a part of her students’ life. Since then the society has touched great heights. It is famously known for it’s 2014-15 production ‘Mai Kaun Hai?’. Innocent in it’s portrayal, the play is best remembered for it’s quirky character ‘Raju Bhaiya’, who confuses his individual identity with his religious and social status.
Moreover, in the period of 6 years, the society has earned it’s reputation as a competitive dramatics society by participating at various theater festivals like Manthan- The Largest Street Play Festival of India and bagging the first prize for three consecutive years at The National Level Cultural Festival Of SRM- Rubaroo.
Where their Street productions shouted for justice, Stage productions like ‘Kharashein’ left the people awestruck by it’s silent approach remembering the freedom revolts. Another play, ‘Rai Ka Pahaad’, highlighted Shakespearean comedy and won many hearts in DU theatre Circuit.
Heading towards creating awareness and exploring the unknown, the society is ready to face 2017 with a new zeal. Passion and Determination can make the unknown happen. Changing for a change is what Khalsa believes!!

By Pragya Narang

A reader, a learner, a creative enthusiast, the craziest kid of the lot. Pragya Narang is an English Hons. student of S.G.N.D. Khalsa College, DU.

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