H-factor in street food

The word “street food” makes our mouth filled with water. But, is this the case with each and every one of us? Or are there people who would avoid street food just because of the H-factor?
I won’t say a majority, but yes, definitely a significant population is so much concerned about the hygiene (H-factor) that they make up to their best efforts to avoid street food. There is always a toss like situation to choose between taste and hygiene. The taste and flavor that exists in street food can’t be achieved in 5-star restaurants. The spicy aloo chat, chatpatte golgappe, masaledar bhelpuri…all seems so appealing that we many times ignore the H-factor. Obviously, it is an all-time debatable issue-so as to give importance to hygiene or taste! According to me, both have their own importance. I am not the one who would stop enjoying the very delicious street food because they are unhealthy. Also, i am not the one who would eat from any corner of the street! At this point, I would say, even street food has grades!
Many people try their best to maintain hygiene in street food as well. And it is really a matter of appreciation. At many places we all might have observed that the people who prepare food have their hair properly tied up, gloves in their hands, covered stalls, and follow methods to maintain cleanliness and hygiene up to an appreciable level.It would really be nice if more and more people, especially the ones who prepare and serve street food get aware of the importance of H-factor so that more and more people can enjoy the very yummy street food, without being much bothered about the h-factor. Also, this would make their business grow as well. So, one arrow with two targets!
At many places it is observed that the kitchen is always closed…the customers are not allowed to enter the working area… what can be concluded from this..?
Now, this also would depend from the perception of one person to another… as it can be considered positive and negative as well. In order to maintain hygiene, it becomes essential to prevent the entry of the customers into the kitchen or else it would be difficult to maintain cleanliness. On the other hand, it also becomes a matter of suspicion as one might not trust the cleanliness with which the food is prepared if one is not allowed to have a look at it. So, the matter of concern of hygiene is not only applicable to street food, but also to restaurants.
So,the sum and substance can be…people should not completely bar themselves from having the pleasure of street food and besides, they can try to get the most hygienic street food by eating at places where steps are taken to maintain proper hygiene. Thus, in this way we can have both the factors –h-factor (hygiene) and the t-factor (taste).

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