A Guide for the non-hostelers living around Jamia Millia Islamia

Get off at Govindpuri.


Twenty uncomfortable unfair bucks to Jamia.

Forty unfair bucks to Jamia.

Living near Jamia is never really comfortable. People are mostly confused. Sometimes even frustrated at the lack of options, or just resistant towards living in an envelope of misinterpretation. Having spent a lot of time in and out of the places all around Jamia, here I present to you the perfect guide of being a non-hosteller in Jamia Millia Islamia.

There are a few factors involved that start and begin with your choice, your pocket and your sense of liberty, the combinations of which will determine where would be the location best suited for you.

The cheapest place to live around Jamia would obviously be Zakir Nagar. Although a lot of people might have their own justified reasons for not living around the place for how infamous it is because of Batla House (which is for a lot of reasons a horrible place to reside in apart from a few alright paying guest accommodations), there is no denying the fact that Zakir Nagar was and remains to be one of the cheapest places to live in the vicinity of Delhi. A 3BHK can be rented in almost 8000 bucks which is off the damn charts. Therefore, the trouble hence and what becomes subjective therefore is liberty. People are going to have a problem with everything. The music is too loud, you smoke, you drink, and you breathe. Friends are a problem mostly for no said reason but God forbid if you have a girlfriend or even girl-friends, you are definitely not going to be able to invite them over as often you may like, sometimes not at all. People, regardless of the fact that they own the place or not, care about it or not or even stay in the same building as you or not are going to object, even threaten to call the police at times (personal experience sneaking in) for no fault of yours. You live under a communitarian regime, not under your own self. The food is completely alright in the area and the living somewhat peaceful. The dirt is overpowering and the crowd subjectively receptive, but you can live on fairly really cheap prospects here. Similar areas around may include OkhlaVihar, Batla House, Okhla Head, Noor Nagar, AbulFazal Enclave, ShaheenBagh, Ghaffoor Nagar. (Paying guest accommodations available at almost 4-5 thousand, rating at best ‘meh’).


If you got dough though, then it gets interesting. The liberty around this place hence becomes directly proportional to the amount you are willing to spend on the place.Cheap enough places exist around at no real horrendous costs. Areas like Johri Farms, Lajpat Nagar, Govindpuri, Kalkaji, Bhogal, and Kailash Colony exist nearby that are at a distance of a 15 minute bus ride on mild to moderate traffic of 10 bucks, but are peaking liberal in their letting you do your own thing without people actually caring. These are the places where you can have your ‘college’ fun, play music, roam around, and just do what you like at reasonable costs. The food and expenses around a bit touchy, but you can get through. A bunch of friends can afford a furnished apartment at 3.5-5 thousand at tops (rent) which is not bad for a little freedom of expression and a little less crowd and dirt. The traffic gets tricky at times but doesn’t really hurt unless something is as urgent as an oncoming itch in the ear. The commute is simple and if you use enough Uber and Ola promo codes you might even be able to sail through the entire journey between your place and the university. (good paying guest accommodations available between 7-10 thousand)


If you got some real cash in your pocket, then you are in for a treat. Well furnished, well equipped apartments with full liberty and no real issues. Yes they do exist, around Jamia. All you need is money. Like every other time. New Friends Colony, Maharani Bagh and SukhdevVihar can harbour a lot of dreams. Nestaway homes are a good option around these areas, a bed with a roommate would cost you almost 10 thousand a month with that. That is the best way of determining the paying guest accommodation scene around these areas. A 2BHK can be found at around 20 thousand when furnished in SukhdevVihar, in NFC that price can go upto 30 thousand almost. The areas are well equipped, green, and peaceful with people from all walks of life living around minding their own business. They are scarcely populated, and feel nice most of the time. You don’t live on a college budget here. Sometimes you don’t even live on a working man’s budget here. It feels like it would be a lot of fun though.

There are other places that you can reside in Delhi of course but the ones talked about above are and will remain in the closest vicinity and price ranges to Jamia. Maybe once the metro is finally functional, other places look hospitable too. Noida, maybe becomes an option. Until then if you struggle for metro and the BATLA HOUSE scream, good luck.

Or try and take the hostel. Even though it is tricky. Also, the above article is gender neutral in all manners, unlike the hostels. Sorry girls, my apologies for the bias.

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