Education or Politics!!

Aligarh Muslim University:
It was rightly surmised about  two weeks ago that the library issue in the university was not just a coincidence about the media, spreading the thing, so quickly and widely in such a small time. Rather it was a preplanned political move to start with and now it has been proved, with this newly raised issue of the celebration of Raja Mahendra Pratap’s birthday in the AMU campus. This senseless demand exhibits the thoughts of the brains, interested in playing politics on this peace loving piece of land. We want to ask some questions from the BJP and RSS people,what made them all of a sudden to think about the contributed land of the maharaja.
I mean have some family member of the maharaja demanded this, or maharaja himself came in their dreams to ask for this honour, or was it his will before dying, shared with the RSS group. Leaving the discussion here, if we move onto the facts, the question arises that if a contribution demands a remarkable certificate, then how could it be categorized as a willing donation?? “Donation never demands credit”. And then, what about the people who donated, far more land, money and other relevant material for the development n betterment of the AMU…why their contributions do not deserve celebrations… Is it possible to keep on celebrating birthdays the whole year, in the memory of some or the other donation…??

The second thing is, for the ones who are equalising the contributions of Sir Syed for AMU, with any other person. He donated his entire life to AMU and not merely a piece of land. He is a legend himself and people like him are born, once in centuries. His contributions are not limited to AMU only, rather he has contributed remarkably in the Indian Independence. So when the issue about the celebration has already been raised..we now demand a national holiday on Sir Syed’s birthday, as a celebration for his contributions to Indian Independence. And this demand should be fulfilled, as we all know very well that the contributions to Indian Independence are far more important and large than the contribution of a piece of land to an institution.

Thirdly we want to ask , what is the use of the administration of an institution, what is the purpose of the V.C. in the university..if the political parties are going to decide about the policies and practices going to be entertained in an educational institution.?..what is the benefit/loss of this celebration, or due to what reasons it seems so essential to the BJP and RSS, that they are stuck to that idea even at the cost of, the situation getting worst?? Why is it being forced, when it is not acceptable to the university and its students. What conclusion can one derive after going through all the pros and cons of the raised issue?.. Till now, everyone has come to know that all these issues, coming up one after the other , in some or the other way, against the university are nothing but the political moves of the BJP/RSS, in an attempt to break our unity, ruin our culture and have the control in their hands.

We are students, and we want to breathe in a peaceful and healthy educational environment, free from politics.. We will never allow politics to contaminate our pure and peaceful environment.
[author ]I am Areeba Seraj Khan student of Aligarh Muslim University pursuing B.Sc in Chemistry[/author]

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