DUTA’s Protest in Arts Faculty of DU challenging inner engagements of the Administration

Lesser is known about teaching faculty of Delhi University which involves more ad hoc teachers and less permanent teachers. This is the reason why DUTA protested against DU’s inflexible behavior towards them in Arts faculty and further marched towards Vice Chancellor’s office. The protest began from Arts Faculty Gate at 1P.M and continued till 3 P.M.

According to the sources, there is a lesser number of permanent teachers and more temporary and ad hoc teachers. Temporary and ad hoc teachers make strength of 74% who have worked more than four months but are not made permanent till now and continuously denied any leave or vacation salary benefits. Also, university is said to get failed to organize both temporary and permanent interviews to fill up the vacancies in teaching posts while the records claims the lack of teachers in faculty endangering opportunities for the young aspirants.

Delhi University Arts Faculty
Delhi University Arts Faculty

President of DUTA, Nandita Narain considers this negligence greater hardship for all teachers currently working in DU. According to her, regardless of being temporary, permanent or ad hoc every teacher has already got a huge burden of responsibilities but no assurance of job duration  and lesser salary makes it more lethargic situation to deal with. She proposes the regularization of ad hoc and temporary teachers within constitutional framework of DoPT roster and other obligations in order to resolve and avoid such situation in future.

However, DUTA is looking forward to seek an affirmative response and action from University administration as soon as possible.

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