Once more, Delhi University Students’ Union (DUSU) elections are being held with the same enthusiasm in parties and the students. There is a craze among party members. They work hard to promote their parties- in a larger sense we expect. But the question that arises is whether the concept of winning these elections will benefit them? If yes, then in what sense? Because without any doubt, these members are working with the parties very actively just to get direct entry in elections. But is there any other reason which provokes them to do so? Because as you know readers, we are all human beings and we do things in our life just to get some benefit or happiness. Though ratio of happy beings is less but it is still there. For now, let us assume that these people do all this for the benefit of the students. But there are many ways of promoting their parties for votes.

What it appears.

According to the parties, using tons of paper pamphlets will help them in getting votes.


Taking students to the parties, adventure park or for a movie will help them to win in elections.


Shouting or screaming and making songs for their parties will involve students’ attention.


Distribution of free stuff like chocolates, pens, notebooks, water and juices will get majority of students to vote for their parties.

What it is in reality.

For students those paper pamphlets are just waste.

Students are concerned about fun, and bonus point- they get all this for free.



Actually students get irritated and sometimes annoyed with this scenario.



But in reality, students use this free stuff and the only benefit is caused to students.

Here the view represented to the readers not for the negative aspect of elections. Its like promoting one’s party is not a bane thing but doing it properly without any damage and wastage is my view. The awareness should not be to promote this party and that party but the awareness should be about to encourage students for voting and come on the election day for voting the respective party.

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