DUSU Elections’ 17: AISA declares candidates

All India Students Association(AISA) announced the names of its candidates for the Delhi University Students’ Union(DUSU) polls which is scheduled to be held on 12th September.
List of candidates nominated by the AISA
  • Parul Chauhan for the Post of President
  • Aditya Baibhav  for the Post of Vice-President.
  • Jaishree  for the Post of Secretary
  • Akash Gupta  for the Post of Joint Secretary

Parul Chauchan, a third year student from Satyawati College, will contest for the post of President. Parul has been an active student in her college and was elected as secretary form her department. She has campaigned against incidences of campus violence in her college and has actively participated as well as lead  in AISA’s DU Demands movement in her college.

Parul Chauhan,Aditya Baibhav,Jaishree, Akash Gupta (L-R)
Aditya Baibhav , a MA student in North Campus is contesting the post of Vice President; Aditya also has been a student activist with AISA for the last three years and has been an active participant in movements like the historic occupy UGC movement and campaign against forceful imposition of CBCS upon Delhi University Students and teachers. Studying for three years in Aurobindo College, he led AISA’s challenge to ABVP’s activities and establishes a pro-common student political culture.
Jaishree a student of Kirorimal College is contesting the post of Secretary. She had been active in AISA’s two month long ‘DU Demands’ Movement for affordable transportation, affordable accommodation and making a Violence Free Delhi University. She lead the students of Kirorimal College in the Ramjas movement in February.
For the post of Joint Secretary, Akash  Gupta a first year student from Law Faculty is contesting. He has been an AISA activist for last 3 years in Deshbandhu colleges and has participated as well as organized various protests and movements against anti student moves of both College and University and has fought for students rights in the historic Occupy UGC movement, A room of my own.
‘For the past many years the DUSU elections have become a playground for money and muscle politics in which both the ABVP and the NSUI are equally culpable. As a result DUSU elections leave no scope for the aspirations and demands of the common students of Delhi University. In such a situation AISA in its elections campaign wants to highlight the aspirations and demands of the common students of DU and turn the DUSU into a vehicle of struggle which will fight for the constructions of hostels, room rent control act and house rent allowance for all students who need it. Along with this we will demand for affordable transport for all students of Delhi University like Metro Pass, Student Pass in AC Busses U Special and Girls special buses. Also in DU the students are kept away from any decision making process in the university. We have seen successive DUSU’s in the leadership of ABVP and NSUI which have completely failed in voicing any demand of common students’ said, Parul Chauhan, AISA DUSU Presidential Candidate.
“ If we look at the track record of ABVP in DUSU, then their only achievement has been threatening and silencing theater societies, assaulting Journalists, beating professors and disrupting seminars. This year in the month of February the ABVP led DUSU turned North campus into a war zone and pelted stones and beat teachers and students. The alleged charges of ‘anti-nationalism’ by ABVP upon the students and teachers of Ramjas were later found tp be false by Police as the “evidence” submitted by ABVP to Police were all fake and doctored. AISA is committed to fight against such brazen show of power and make our campus more democratic and student friendly. If elected to Union, AISA will make sure that no seminars are disrupted, no theater society is banned!!” said Aditya Baibhav  candidate for the post of Vice President from AISA.

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