DU students to March Demanding Accommodation and Transportation

Ahead of DUSU Polls, The CPI-ML’s Student Wing, AISA is all set to March Demanding Affordable Accommodation, Affordable Transportation and Violence free Campus. Though the Polls which are highly monopolized by Money and Muscle Power, AISA has always been reluctant against the Use of Money and Muscle Power in Elections.
“More than 20 thousands Students have signed the Petition demanding affordable Accommodation, Cheap Transportation that includes Red Buss Pass and Metro Concessional Pass, Violence free Campus and Safety of Women in College Campuses and are set to March at Arts Faculty on 22nd August with their demands” Claims Student Wing.
All India Students’ Association in a facebook Post targeted current ABVP led DUSU, and alleges Union Members of promoting Private PGs. The official page shared a Picture of Private PG advertisement  having Priyanka Chawri’s (Current Vice President of DUSU) Picture on it.

Image taken from AISA page
Akash Gupta, AISA DU Vice President said that “Delhi University in overall has less than 4000 hostel seats for more than 2 Lakhs enrolled students. ABVP Led DUSU has done nothing concrete rather promotes Private PGs. We have been into Student Community for long with our Charter Demanding these things and response from them is overwhelming. We have our #DU_Demands March on Tuesday and will assert our voices and demands their”.

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