DU Might Skip Sports Trials, Certain ECA categories for admission

With India becoming the 7th worst-hit country in the world due to the Covid-19 Pandemic, certain changes and sacrifices have been made. One such change that is being suggested and which might affect admissions for many students in DU is regarding the sports quota. DU Officials have said that sports trials for sports quota admissions might not take place and instead these quota admissions will be made on the basis of merit certificates.

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The University is also considering scrapping ECA trials in some categories for admissions in the academic session of 2020-21 as there is no recognized body to issue certificates from the same. Shoba Bagai, head of the University admissions department said it is easier to ascertain the validity of sports certificates than ECA certificates.

In DU, 5% of the seats are reserved for ECA and sports quota students, where ECA is for those who have shown merit in extra-curricular activities such as creative writing, dance, debate, fine arts, NSS, and more. There are a total of 27 sports which are considered under the sports quota category.

Shoba Bagai, on speaking about why this decision is being considered said “Its a huge risk to call candidates to the campus for sports and ECA trials this year. Also, it will not be possible for students to travel from different states to appear for trials. So, we are considering if if admissions can be given on the basis of certificates issued by authorised sports bodies.” DU has also already decided to conduct admissions completely online this year. She continued that for some ECA categories, the candidate might be asked to record a performance and send it online.

Some teachers, however, say that the university should wait till July and if things return to some form of normal by then, the trials can be taken by august. Some have also stated that individual colleges should be allowed to conduct their own trials instead of all of them happening in one place as it would reduce the risks of social distancing not being followed.

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