Dramatics society of SGND Khalsa College performed the play “Kharashein” by eminent writer Gulzar in Nutan Marathi School

New Delhi:

Nepathya, the dramatics society of SGND Khalsa College, in association with Imitation Theatre Group run by Ms. Anjali, in her internship project under MPSD (Madhya Pradesh School of Drama), performed the play “Kharashein” by eminent writer Gulzar in front of over 300 students of Nutan Marathi School, Aram Bagh, Delhi on 31st October, 2015. It was done with a motive to promote the spirit of Dramatics and Theatres among school students, who hold the threads of future in their hands.

The play is a literary work on the scars from the riots, be it during the partition times, or 1992, and what else? Even now! It tries to tell the audience that only years has passed by, but we are still fighting with each other the same way in the name of religion and God as ever! Gulzar’s soulful poems and stories make the audience get goosebumps. A collage of 4 different stories move them from within. The act was well appreciated by the audience and theatre lovers present at the event.

Director Anjali is a pass out from MPSD, and is now undergoing her internship project under the prestigious institution, under which she joined hands with Nepathya to work for the cause. She will also give a 2-day workshop to the theatre enthusiasts of the school, as reported by her after the play, which will help them to realise their passion and might encourage them to put their first steps into the world of Dramatics and Theatres.

The faculty of SGND Khalsa College as well as Nutan Marathi School, and students from various Dramatics societies from DU were present to witness the play. Principal of Nutan Marathi School commended the act and efforts put in by Nepathya and invited them to keep doing such plays in the future too. Nepathyans, as they call themselves, were highly elated to perform and are looking forward to do such plays for the cause as much as they can, in various other schools as well all over the city.

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