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Delhi University’s top Cultural Societies, Every fuchha should aspire to be part of

Gone are the days when the school bell limits the creativity and enthusiasm of the innovative souls. It’s time to EXPLORE THE HIDDEN YOU, IN DU!!! Moreover the cultural society in DU helps you find like-minded friends and sets you on the track towards your dreams.Drama, dance, music or theatre, here are DU’s best cultural societies every fuchha should aspire to be a part of. Admissions in DU are about to start. As the application process gets over, it is time to get ready and have a look around the university and it’s different cultural societies.
When it comes to elegance and style, members of I Vogue, the fashion society of Sri Guru Gobind Singh College of Commerce (SGGSCC) know how to startle everyone with their trends. Also, if fashion and style is being talked, Glitz, The fashion society of Kamla Nehru college has the most passionate and creative members to put together fashion. Elegant girls of Daulat Ram College, impress everyone with their flawless shows joined by Glamorratti of Dyal Singh college and Galore of Maitreyi college.
When it’s about jumping, hopping, fluttering, or about dancing, Tanz, The Western Dance Society of Miranda House, never leaves  any chance to amaze the audience. Their electric moves and coordination set a better standard of perfection every time they step on the stage. Winners or not, but they are always the show-stoppers. Zeal from Maitreyi College and Verve of Sri Venkateshwara College, too, astonish the audience with their moves.

Students of Women’s College presenting Drama at College Day function
Dramatics in DU has always been a tough competition. Societies like Ibtida —dramatics society of Hindu College, founded by Hindu alumnus and filmmaker Imtiaz Ali, is well known for it’s quirky statements and strong expressions. Maintaining its reputation, it’s one of DU’s celebrated ECA societies. Also Ankur-The Dramatics Society of SGTB Khalsa, knocks down everyone with their ideology and remarkable dialogues. Dramatics Society of LSR and players of KMC are also famous in the circuit.

Iris of Gargi College , Project of LSR and Photobug of SGND Khalsa college are great societies to be a part of if you have an interest in clicking and capturing the beauty of world. These members are a close-knit group who share love for photography and their work is simply one that is meant to amaze and appreciate. The photographers of these societies vividly capture the unknown and unnoticed creations of the nature in just one CLICK!!
So, fuchhas, get ready to glue your eyes on the Facebook pages of these societies. And grab all the required information from their respective pages.
Explore the art For the unknown part!!!

By Pragya Narang

A reader, a learner, a creative enthusiast, the craziest kid of the lot. Pragya Narang is an English Hons. student of S.G.N.D. Khalsa College, DU.

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