Delhi University:Dean suffering from Chikungunya, sits on counter hunger strike against students

Students of law faculty of Delhi University seated on an indefinite hunger strike at the Law Faculty for the last four days against ‘mass failure’ of students in exams.The indefinite hunger strike by the students took a new twist on Saturday afternoon when the Dean of Law Faculty, Prof Ved Kumari, herself sat on a hunger strike against the students after the students refused to call of the agitation. Prof. kumari who was in leave and suffering from Chikungunya took the decision after she failed to convince the students to call off their hunger strike.
The indefinite hunger strike was started by students demanding relaxation in promotion, restoration of supplementary exams, free reevaluation scheme and improvement chance in best two papers as around 350 students of even semesters have faced year back this time due to failure in one or more papers.however around 45% of first year students failed in at least one subject and students who scored first division last year have scored less marks this year and are concerned too as some students claimed.
Two other teachers Kiran Gupta and Kamla Shankaran joined Kumari trying to have a dialogue with the students. “Since our dean is unwell and she decided to sit on the hunger strike against the agitating students, we are on her behalf trying to speak to the students and negotiate,” said Shankaran to TOI.
“It’s a mockery. Students have been on an indefinite hunger strike for four days and what we achieve is our dean sitting on a counter strike. She is trying to show as if she is powerless, which is not the case. This is not fair,” said Nishant, a student of law faculty to TOI.
image source:Times of India
image source:Times of India

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