In Conversation with Sonali Sharma, newly elected president of Miranda House!

Somebody is trying to defame us’: MH President

With the start of a new session ,A Rush for DUSU and college elections starts in Delhi University with lot of Propagandas and Manifestos. The drumroll silenced this week on Tuesday 12 sep after the Polls. In this context ,Meghna of Aapka Times gets a short session with the newly elected President of Miranda House .Sonali Sharma ,3rd year student of Political science ,contested elections with her panel and won all the Union seats this year in the college.

Sonali,How are you feeling as ‘India ‘s best college’s president’?What are your further plans and what would be your strategies ahead .
I feel very happy that students of Miranda House have accepted me as the President of the college.My plans would not be highly ambitious and Unrealistic but rather I will like to work on realistic ground.

What did inspire you to stand for this post?
I was associated with the previous Unions and worked with them .I had a good experience with the Union.It helped me to take over many challenges in my life .I really wanted to contribute to the college in the best possible way .Hence, I contested.

From where you are and where have you done your schooling?
I am from Delhi itself .I have done my schooling from D.A.V Public School.

What’s your opinion about DUSU Elections and the defeat of ABVP after so long.
Students of Delhi University has given their Verdict .we accept it and welcome it.

Your panel claimed not to be affiliated to any of the Parties but there is a rumour that your panel belongs to NSUI and ‘It’s a betrayal’.How do you react to this.
There are rumours and those are rumours only thare is nothing concrete about them.Our panel has contested independently and we are still independent .None of the members from the current Union is affiliated to any of the parties.

What are your future plans like would you go for the further DUSU Elections ,would you like to join any of the parties?
No ,I have no future plans to go ahead with the DUSU Elections because it way is too different from the way Miranda House functions.

How are you looking the year 2017 for you as a ‘President’?
I am looking forward to a great year ahead with lot of responsibilities.

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