In conversation with Prof. Haroon Sajjad, Newly appointed proctor of Jamia Millia Islamia

Prof. Haroon Sajjad has been recently appointed as the Chief Proctor of the Jamia Millia Islamia University a university known for its cultural diversity and Tehzeeb Jamia Millia Islamia was founded in 1920 during freedom struggle by the group of nationalist teachers and students of the time. He has been the provost of the boys’ hostel for two years. Asna Azhar of Aapka Times interviewed Prof. Haroon Sajjad who was accompanied by his two deputy proctors Dr Arshad Khan and Dr Mansaf Alam.

What will be the approach of governance for you as a Chief Proctor?
I am very thankful to the vice chancellor who has assigned me the responsibility of Chief Proctor. I am glad to have a good proctorial team to work with. Our efforts would be focused to assist students as university belongs to them. We are formulating more ways to interact to keep our students connected directly with us so that they can easily report their problems in order to get quick solutions. We have an open door policy, students can easily contact us. We will not tolerate any kind of undisciplined acts. The entire university is under surveillance and more CCTV would be added soon. We are also working to improve water and parking facilities on the campus.

How do you like to see your Proctorship here in next few years?
Soon I will form an anti-ragging committee and constitute a new team with young people. My aim is to have a complete “No Smoking Campus”. I will not let students face any problem in the university and I always stand with them, however, I will not tolerate any undisciplined activities of students and strict action will be taken against them if they will be found involved in such activities.

What are the core strengths of your new Proctorial team?
I believe in teamwork my focus is to keep young and energetic people in the team who can devote their time as well can interact with students frequently. We will try to reach out to the students’ problems before they report problems to us as we did in Boys’ Hostel during my tenure.

What were your achievements as provost in the University and how will you manage this challenging responsibility?
In last two year during my tenure as a provost for boys hostel, we came up with lots of measures for students.Dormitories were set up to accommodate needy students, a Hall Magazine is always launched by us to acknowledge the students’ latent talents. We celebrated all the festivals as Unity in diversity has been the peculiar feature in the hostels. We also focussed on Cultural and sports activities for which we have organised AL Khawarism Cultural fest. We regularly visited hostels and students along with my team members. We provided WiFi and Washing Machine facilities to the students which were not there in boys hostel earlier. Another hostel for boys is under construction which will help us to accommodate more students.My team and administrative support were vital in carrying out these significant changes.

Well, I do not see being a proctor as a challenging responsibility as I was the proctor in Meerut College for 5 years, which is a renowned college, things here and in Meerut are quite different but nevertheless, I will hold my ground without compromising with my duties.


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